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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending May 29, 2021



Continued prayer needed for Burma

As innocent, unarmed civilians continue to suffer horrific violations at the hands of the military, pray this verse over the people of Myanmar/Burma this week.

Mauritania extremists create hit-list of Christian leaders

In the Northeast African country of Mauritania, Islamic extremists have created online hit-lists of Christian leaders.

USCIRF Condemns Chinese Government’s Sanction on Former Commissioner

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) strongly condemns the Chinese government for imposing sanctions on former USCIRF Commissioner Johnnie Moore.

China’s persecuted Muslims recount abuses in camps, find haven in US

Gulzira Auelkhan and her family are ethnic Kazakh and she is originally from Xinjiang, China. She moved to Kazakhstan in 2014, then went back to China to visit her hometown in 2017, but instead she says she was stopped by Chinese authorities and imprisoned.

Chinese social media site restricts Christian content

Christian search terms (such as “Bible” and “Gospel”) seem to have been blocked and Christian accounts deleted on popular Chinese social media platform WeChat.

Hundreds of minority children kidnapped in Pakistan every year

Every year, hundreds of Pakistani Muslim men kidnap Christian, Hindu, and Sikh women and children. Many are as young as 12, chained up to keep them from escaping.

ChinaAid Founder Bob Fu receives William Wilberforce Award

Pastor Bob Fu, founder of ChinaAid, received the William Wilberforce Award from the Colson Center for Christian Worldview on Saturday, May 22, amid hundreds of guests attending the awards banquet at the Omni Hotel in Fort Worth Texas.

One Child Killed by Landmine in Tedim, Chin State, While Five Adults Die in Burma Army Shelling of Mindat, Chin State

7000 people Now in Hiding in Mindat Area Alone

Herdsmen Attacks Kill 37 Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria

Pastor says terrorists roam freely in presence of security personnel.

Pastor Contracts COVID-19 after Assault in Eastern India

Wife knocked unconscious, uncle injured --- and criminally charged.

52-Year-Old Christian Shot and Killed by Radical Hindu Nationalists in India

Christian Family Seriously Injured After Brutal Attack with Gun, Swords, and Sickles

Jihadist Fulani Kill Four, Kidnap One in Benue State

A security report released on Monday by the Chairman of the LGA stated that militant Fulani Herdsmen invaded Gwer West Local Government Area, LGA, of Benue state, killing four civilians and abducting one.

A Priest in Kachin State was Arrested by the Burmese Army

On May 14, a Catholic priest from the diocese of Banmaw in Myanmar’s Kachin state was arrested by the Burmese Army (Tatmadaw) while he was traveling between towns.

Jihadists Attack Peacekeeping Mission in DRC

One female peacekeeper and five villagers were killed last week in an attack on the UN peacekeeping mission in Beni, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

RLPB 599. May Update, Incl. Nigeria, Armenia and Azerbaijan, Burkina Faso and Mali, China, Finland, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Uganda.
USCIRF News Digest - May 25, 2021

Communism ... uproots religion. Learn more.

Communism was upheld by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels as an answer to corruption and greed.

INDIA | Son Pledges to Continue Father's Ministry

Indian Pastor Alok Rajhans of the Christo Seva Ghar (Christ Service House) was killed in an attack in his church in Luasingha village, Bolangir district, in India’s Odisha state on May 20.

CHINA | Pastor Beaten by Government Official

BURMA | Four killed in Catholic Church Attack

Four civilians were killed and eight more were injured in an attack by the Myanmar/Burma army on a Catholic church in Kayan Thar Yar village in Kayah (Karenni) State on May 24.

Christian Villagers Terrorized by 200-Strong Muslim Mob in Punjab, Pakistan

At least eight Christians have been left with fractured bones after the small Christian community of Chak 5, a village in the Okara region of Punjab, Pakistan, was terrorized by a Muslim mob of around 200 people.

Armed Men Kill 15 at Baptism in Burkina Faso

Armed men, suspected to be jihadist militants, attacked a baptism ceremony in the village of Adjarara, Oudalan province, Burkina Faso, on May 18, killing 15 people.

Eight Killed in Attack Which Left Church Destroyed in Kaduna, Nigeria

Eight Christians have been killed in an attack conducted by armed bandits in Ungwan Gaida, in the Chikun area of Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Church Minister Killed, Another Abducted, in Attack on Northern Nigerian Church

A church minister was killed and another was abducted by gunmen in a targeted attack on a church in north-central Katsina State, Nigeria on 20 May.

Thousands Flee as Myanmar Army Attacks Town in Majority Christian Chin State

Thousands have fled Mindat, a mountainous town in the majority Christian state of Chin, after it came under bombardment from the Myanmar army.

Muslims in Malawi Demand Church Leaves “Muslim Territory” if It “Fails to Bow Down to Our Command”

Muslims have given a church 21 days to vacate “Muslim territory” in Mosiya Village, Machinga, eastern Malawi, if it “fails to bow down to our command.”

UN Human Rights Committee Urged to Act Over Christian Persecution in Turkey

Four Christian charities have urged the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) to act in order to help persecuted Christians in Turkey.

Two More Christians Killed in Miango, Priest Slain in Northwest Nigeria

Clergyman in his 70s kidnapped.

The Persecuted Church Stands Together

Faithful believers have risked their lives to establish and grow house churches, even in the face of unimaginable danger. 

Updated Intercessory Prayer Message from Early Rain Covenant Church

On May 08, Brother Dai Zhichao shared the following Updated Intercessory Prayer Message from Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC):

Early Rain Covenant Church’s Prayer Request

On May 8 at approximately 2 pm, police officers from Chengdu City Longquanyi District Damian Police Station seized Minister Wu Wuqing of Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC).

The Ministry of Morning Star News

Since 2012, Morning Star News has been uncovering otherwise unknown cases of persecuted Christians, leading to prayer, aid and advocacy for them and their families.

Pakistani Christian Nurses Fear for Lives After Accusation of “Blasphemy”

Three Pakistani Christian nurses fear for their lives after a “blasphemy” accusation against them provoked anger among their Muslim colleagues.

Gunmen Release Last of 39 Nigerian Students Kidnapped From Kaduna College

Gunmen in Nigeria have released the remaining 29 students, mostly Christians, kidnapped from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation in Kaduna state, after almost two months in captivity.

More Than a Million Reached by Barnabas With Call to Pray for India

More than a million people were reached with a request to pray for India amidst the ongoing surge in Covid-19 cases.

Muslims seize Pakistani hospital chapel, threaten Christians

Last month, we reported that two Christian nurses in Pakistan were arrested for removing an Arabic sticker.

China ramps up campaign against religious freedom

China continues its crackdown on religious freedom.

Kidnappings Terrorize Christians in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Nurses, pastor's wife taken, plus mass abduction from one village.



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