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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending June 11, 2022


This Week At ChinaAid: Pastor Wang Yi's 4th Birthday In Prison

June 1st was jailed Early Rain Covenant Church Pastor Wang Yi's 49th birthday and the fourth birthday he has spent behind bars for his faith.

China: Protests and resistance after more lockdowns in Shanghai

On June 7, a neighborhood located near Changle Road, Shanghai was forced to lockdown again just a week after the two-month quarantine, which caused many young people to protest on the streets.

Russia-Ukraine battle rages in key eastern city

Fierce fighting continues on Ukraine’s eastern front. 

DRC civilians flee fierce combat

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, fighting between rebels and security forces puts civilians at risk.

China: Ningxia pastor's first trial planned for June

Mrs. Hao Ying, wife of preacher Geng Zejun, published on social media that a trial will be held against her imprisoned husband at the end of June.

China: Virtual seminar commemorates Pastor Wang Yi spending his fourth birthday in prison

Wang Yi, the pastor of Early Rain Covenant Church, turned 49 on June 1. It was also his fourth birthday in prison.

China: CCP fails to produce formal accusation for imprisoned elder

Mrs. Yang Aiqing, the wife of Renai Reformed Church’s Elder Zhang Chunlei, posted an update on her husband's case on social media.

USCIRF News Digest - June 7, 2022

Update on persecuted Christians in Afghanistan

As the Taliban quickly retook control of Afghanistan last year, Christians faced the difficult question of whether to stay or leave the country.

Sunday shooting shocks believers in southwest Nigeria

UPDATE: Sunday’s attack on St Francis Catholic Church in the Nigerian town of Owo killed 22 people and injured 50, an official from the National Emergency Management Agency said on Tuesday. 

Attackers kill 50 in Burkina Faso

Attackers killed about 50 people in rural eastern Burkina Faso on May 27. The violence came as a group of people traveled near the border with nearby Togo and Benin.

Taliban denies Christian presence in Afghanistan

The Taliban denies any Christian presence in Afghanistan. A spokesman for the terrorist group tells Voice of America, “There are no Christians in Afghanistan.

Dozens Killed in Sunday Church Attack in Nigeria

Media outlets report as many as 50 killed, but no official word

China: Elder Hao Ming in poor health

Mrs. Yang Yufeng, wife of Qingcaodi Church’s elder Hao Ming, posted on social media that the lawyer finally met with her husband in Deyang City Detention Center after six months. According to the lawyer, elder Hao Ming is in very poor health.

China: Investigation of students’ religious beliefs in Chinese colleges and universities with new survey

Survey forms recently circulated about the religious beliefs of Chinese college and graduate students and their involvement or resort to violence, threats, and other similar methods. 

China: Early Rain couple overcame harassment from authorities and got married

Zhang Qiang and Xiao Yue, congregants of Early Rain Covenant Church, finally got married even after several sabotage attempts from local authorities.

Christian in Pakistan Jailed since March 2019 Granted Bail

Mentally ill Stephen Masih falsely accused of blasphemy, sources say.

Dozens Killed in Sunday Church Attack in Nigeria

Gunmen burst into a Catholic Church in Nigeria on Sunday morning and opened fire on congregants and set off explosives, reportedly killing dozens of worshippers as they celebrated Mass on Pentecost Sunday.

Church Destroyed as Myanmar Junta Continues Onslaught

The Johnson Memorial Baptist Church and 10 civilian houses were destroyed in a junta attack in the deserted town of Thantalang in western Myanmar’s Christian-majority Chin state, according to media reports.

Persecution Escalates in India as 30 Christians Jailed

Anti-conversion laws used to wrongfully arrest and abuse Christians

Hagia Sophia Reportedly Faces Daily Vandalism and Neglect

New reports indicate vandalism and neglect at the historic Hagia Sophia. It is suggested that the building faces daily vandalism, including written messages and names and the removal of small pieces of the wall.

Nigeria: Terrorism Strikes the South-West

Owo church massacre might herald something worse on the horizon

Editorial: Delhi High Court Affirms Legality of Religious Conversion

A legal opinion given by a justice of the Delhi High Court that conversion from one religion to another is perfectly lawful comes as a welcome development.

Pakistan Court Grants Bail to Mentally Disabled Christian Accused of “Blasphemy”

Christians in Pakistan have welcomed the decision of a court to grant bail to a mentally disabled Christian who has been imprisoned for more than three years on charges of “blasphemy.”

Dozens Killed in Attack on Church in South-Western Nigeria

Dozens of Christians were killed when gunmen opened fire on church worshippers gathered to celebrate Pentecost on Sunday, June 5, in Owo, Ondo State, south-western Nigeria.

Christian Couple Arrested in Karnataka, India, on Charges of Forced Conversion

A Christian couple were arrested in the Indian state of Karnataka on May 17 after allegations of illegally securing conversions to Christianity.

Iranian Pastor Loses Appeal Against Ten-Year Jail Sentence

Iranian pastor Anooshavan Avedian, 60, has lost his appeal against a ten-year jail term for running a “house church” at his home in the capital city, Tehran.

Christian Girl in Pakistan Testifies of Kidnapping, Rape

Police initially slow to investigate Muslim who 'married' her, sources say.

Terrorists Shoot Down, Bomb Worshippers in Southwest Nigeria

Catholic church service in Ondo state attacked.




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