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 1 Corinthians 12:26a

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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending July 9, 2022


Christian Convert from Islam Killed in Eastern Uganda

Evangelist slain for leading Muslims to Christ, witnesses say.

This Week At ChinaAid: A Successful Week At The 2022 IRF Summit!

Thank you to everyone who prayed for the ChinaAid team and partners as we attended and participated at the 2022 International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit in Washington D.C. in late June!

China: Christian banned from platform for "illegal religious content"

Since the implementation of the Administrative Measures for Internet Religious Information Services on March 1, China’s online religious information has been severely censored, and Chinese cyberspace continues to shrink. 

Despair and hope follow Afghanistan earthquake

The United Nations says 362,000 people in eastern Afghanistan need emergency aid to survive another day.

China: Wife of imprisoned Christian updated for the first time in seven months 

On June 30, Li Xin received an update regarding her husband Brother Zhao Weikai, a co-worker of Taiyuan Zion Reformed Church.

Small church serves in Severodonetsk, Ukraine, despite fighting

Twelve Christians have been hailed as heroes in the Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk.

Editorial: Beware of Unintended Consequences

A church in Egypt found itself under violent attack by Muslim extremists – precisely because the church had been granted a license to worship freely.

Two Church Ministers Killed in Separate Attacks in Nigeria

Two church ministers are reported to have been killed in Nigeria in separate attacks only 24 hours apart.

Mob of Muslim Extremists Attacks Newly Licensed Church in Egypt

A mob of Muslim extremists attacked a church and the homes of Christians in Luxor, Egypt on June 23, after the church was granted an official license.

Military Kill Two in Airstrikes Targeting Church and School in Chin State, Myanmar

Myanmar’s military have carried out a series of airstrikes on two villages in Christian-majority Chin State, killing two civilians and injuring several others.

No New Churches to Be Registered, Tajikistan Government Announces

The Tajikistan government will not register any more churches, the senior state religious affairs official has announced.

Egypt Threatens Christian Refugees with Deportation

On Thursday last week, the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) warned that a Yemeni Christian is in immediate and severe danger due to his impending deportation by the Egyptian government.

Christians’ 5-Year Prison Sentences Upheld in Iran

Recently, the five-year prison sentences of three Christian house-church members in Iran were upheld.

Church and Homes Destroyed in Military Junta Attack

Ever since the military deposed Myanmar’s democratically elected government in the February 2021 coup, the country has been in a state of civil war.

New Report Shows Iraqi Christians Are Suffering

Last week, the American Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East (American FRRME) published a new report highlighting the desperate circumstances facing Iraqi Christians. 

Afghanistan food crisis reaches drastic levels

In Afghanistan, some people have sold their kidneys on the black market in order to buy food.

People flee bankrupt Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says the island nation is bankrupt. He does not expect an immediate bailout from the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

Ethiopia: More Amharas Massacred

preparing for an Amhara sacrifice

ICC Announces Top Persecutors for 2022

Last week, International Christian Concern launched its biggest report of the year, shedding light on the world’s most notorious persecutors of Christians.

USCIRF News Digest - July 5, 2022

USCIRF Releases Report on the New Constitution and Religious Freedom in Cuba

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released a new report titled “Constitutional Reform and Religious Freedom in Cuba.”

China: Early Rain service raided, elder summoned for questioning

Police raided Early Rain Covenant Church’s in person worship over the weekend.

China: Christian detained after trying to join Early Rain

Early Rain Covenant Church disclosed that Long Kehai, a Christian, moved from Gansu province to Chengdu to become a member of Early Rain Covenant Church.

China: Geng Zejun's trial rescheduled three times due to "COVID"

Hunong District Court rescheduled preacher Geng Zejun’s trial to July 13, the third delay of his hearing.

China: Imprisoned minister meets with his lawyer for the first time in seven months

Last Thursday, Yao Congya, wife of Minister An Yankui of Zion Reformed Church, disclosed that authorities finally allowed her husband’s attorney to visit him in Xiaoyi Detention Center.

Persecution increases need in Nigeria, ministry expands

One in seven Christians worldwide lives in a country where persecution is high or commonplace.




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