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 1 Corinthians 12:26a

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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending July 16, 2022


Please pray for churches in India and their property disagreements

In recent months, disagreements over places of worship have significantly raised religious tensions, yet we trust God to bring peace where there is division.

This Week At ChinaAid: Bob Fu Speaks At The Heritage Foundation

ChinaAid President & Founder Bob Fu spoke with several others at the Heritage Foundation as part of a  "conversation on what the U.S. government and the international community can do to safeguard religious liberty in China." 

USCIRF Releases New Report on Religious Repression in Iran

Iran Country Update – This country update reports on widespread religious repression in Iran. Baha’is, Christian converts, Sunnis, and Gonabadi Sufis in particular continue to face ongoing violations of their freedom of religion or belief. 

China: Imprisoned lawyer subject to forced labor

On July 5, the family of Cheng Yuan—one of the founders of Changsha Funeng Organization, an NGO in Hunan, Changsha— received three letters from him.

Sri Lankan president flees the country

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has fled Sri Lanka in a military jet.

Sudan: Burhan dissolves military council, voices support for democracy

The fight for civilian rule continues in Sudan.

South Korean cult poses problems in Japan

Deadly details emerge in Japan. 

Indonesia’s New Criminal Code Revealed, Modernizing the Controversial Anti-Blasphemy Laws

The newest draft of the Indonesian Government’s Criminal Code Revision has been revealed, reinforcing its anti-blasphemy laws, and creating new provisions which will disproportionately impact Christians and other religious minorities. 

New report says 11 countries face food crisis

Eleven countries across Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Europe face a heightened risk of food shortages over the next few years.

USCIRF News Digest - July 12, 2022

China: Peaceful protest dissolves into police violence

Chinese government authorities crushed a demonstration of bank depositors.

Sri Lankans storm president’s house

On July 9, Sri Lankan protestors stormed the president’s official residence in the capital, Colombo.

Christian Woman Assaulted with a Sickle in Egypt

Last month, a Muslim radical brutally attacked a Christian woman in Egypt, Mona Wafdi Marzouk, nearly killing her.

Over 700 Catholic Priests Protest Violence in Nigeria

More than 700 priests gathered last week to protest the violence against Christians in Nigeria.

Bangladesh: Christians Fear Violence in the CHT

This past weekend, on July 3, the Tripura Welfare Association in Bangladesh organized a human chain to protest a recent terrorist attack in the Chittagong Hill Tracts (CHT). 

Underground Priest in China’s Hebei Asked to Join Official Church

An underground Catholic church in China’s Hebei province is facing the risk of being demolished for refusing to join the state-sanctioned official church.

Pakistan: Death for Blasphemy

On Monday 4 July, in a court in Lahore, Christian mechanic Ashfaq Masih (34) was deemed guilty of blasphemy under section 295-C of Pakistan’s infamous blasphemy law and sentenced to death by hanging. 

Editorial: Action Needed to Protect Pakistan’s Christians From “Blasphemy” Allegations

Another Christian in Pakistan has been handed a death sentence for alleged “blasphemy” against Muhammad, the prophet of Islam.

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Death for “Blasphemy”

A Pakistani Christian has been sentenced to death for “blasphemy” after reportedly describing Jesus Christ as the only true prophet.

Gunmen Kill Pastor’s Sons and Abduct Daughter in Invasion of Home in Adamawa State, Nigeria

Gunmen killed a Nigerian pastor’s two sons and abducted his daughter after invading his family home in the early hours of July 6.

Ancient Christian Cemetery Desecrated in Mardin, Turkey

A Christian cemetery in south-eastern Turkey has been desecrated, with bones and sacred objects scattered.

India’s Supreme Court to Hear Petition to Stop Attacks on Christians

India’s Supreme Court is to hear a petition seeking a direction to end “hate speech” targeted against Christians and attacks on their places of worship.

Christian in Pakistan Sentenced to Death for Alleged 'Blasphemy'

Landlord, rival shop ower frame him on false charge, attorney says.

Four Christians in Sudan Arrested under Annulled Apostasy Law

Statute called for death penalty for leaving Islam.




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