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 1 Corinthians 12:26a


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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending June 1, 2024

China This Week: More efforts to promote 'Sinicization'

An official in Liaoning published a collection of poems focused on religious Sinicization, which include lyrics echoing the political views of the CCP and the integration of Communist Party socialist values into religious activity.

North Korea launches balloons of filth into South Korea

North Korea is using dirty tactics to poke at South Korea — literally, filthy.

Apologetics training helps Iranian Christians answer tough questions

Apologetics plays an important role in sharing the Gospel, especially in places like Iran, where religious and philosophical questions abound.

Praise God for Zhang Zhan's Release in China

Today we lift up a song of praise for God’s love and faithfulness. After four long years, Zhang Zhan has finally been released from prison. 

Hardline Muslims Beat Christians Unconscious in Uganda

Two evangelists were working in heavily Islamic area.

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Israel’s isolation grows as European nations recognize Palestine

Israel continues its restrained assault on Rafah today after announcing the Gaza war would likely drag on for several months.

Suspects Unprosecuted in Death by Torture of Christian in Pakistan

Police decline to arrest accused Muslims who pressured relatives.

Court in Pakistan Forces ‘Islam’ Designation on Christian’s ID Card

Employer fraudulently ‘converted’ worker, attorney says.

RUSSIA: Church to be demolished as place where crime "repeatedly committed"?

An independent Orthodox parish in the southern Krasnodar Region may be
forced to demolish its own church, apparently as a direct result of its
Archbishop's prosecution for opposing Russia's invasion of Ukraine. 

Mob attacks Christian home, small business in eastern Pakistan

Several Christians in eastern Pakistan remain under police protection today following a weekend mob attack.

Haiti: grief, growth, and the Gospel

The social media posts on Missions in Haiti, Inc.‘s Facebook page are foreboding.

Iranians skeptical approaching presidential election

State news IRNA in Iran announced the country’s presidential election to replace the late President Ebrahim Raisi will take place on Friday, June 28. But Iranians are skeptical.

Christian Sanitation Worker Tortured in Pakistan

Sweeper beaten, chained for not granting request soon enough.

Burma: Military Beats, Detains Christians Following Raid

In Kachin state, Northern Myanmar, military forces detained dozens of Christian leaders, pastors, and youth on Thursday on suspicion of aiding rebel forces in the country’s ongoing civil war.

Christians Imprisoned under Indian Anti-Conversion Law Languish Behind Bars

Nearly 70 Christians arrested under the Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance of 2020 are languishing in jails in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) as authorities delay or deny their bail applications on flimsy grounds.

Catholic Priest Kidnapped in Nigeria

The Rev. Basil Gbuzuo, a well-respected Catholic priest in the Onitsha Diocese of Anambra State, was kidnapped by unknown gunmen on Wednesday, May 15.

Antisemitism in 2024

Describing antisemitism as “on the rise” would be disingenuous. 

Iran oppression includes Christian prisoners

Iran deploys “spy drones” to target women not wearing hijabs in its latest crackdown. 

Christian Wounded in Attack in Pakistan in Stable Condition

Police arrest 26 of 44 Muslim suspects.

Christian Convert in Somalia Wounded, Loses Family

Muslim relatives attack him after learning of his faith.

Elderly Christian Critically Wounded in Pakistan after False Blasphemy Charge

Angry Muslim mob also burns his factory.



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