2020 April

Four Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria, Sources Say
China Detains Church Leaders For Online Service
Boko Haram leader declares coronavirus “product of evil”, mocks health measures, as attacks step up in West Africa under Covid-19 curfews
Authorities continuing to rip down church crosses in China amid Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic
Second wave of locusts in East Africa feared 20 times worse than first invasion
Five-year old murdered, snatched from pregnant mother, as Fulani militant attacks “more dangerous than coronavirus” in Nigeria lockdown
Iran Extends Leave for Prisoners
Young Christian Girl Assaulted in Pakistan’s Punjab Province
UN Encourages Iraq to Address Domestic Abuse
Christian in India Almost Beaten to Death for Holding Prayer Gathering in Home
Easter Devotion (4), plus Prayer for Nigeria
Indonesia Islamists Breakup House Church Meeting
Global Freedom Center Inaugural Virtual Event
Gunmen Shoot, Wound Daughter of Pastor Slain in 2015 in Eastern India
Pray with us for a U.S. Special Envoy to Nigeria/Lake Chad
Nigerian children slaughtered in a time of lockdown
Militants Show Kidnapped Priest In Niger
Young Christian Woman and Pregnant Convert Seriously Injured in Eastern Uganda
‘Pakistan Christians Starving For Not Embracing Islam’
China: Rights defender's appeal rejected
USCIRF Welcomes Release of Hundreds of Imprisoned Rohingya in Burma, Calls for More to be Released
Christian Persecution News - April 17, 2020
Please continue to pray for India during this COVID-19 pandemic
Herdsmen Kill Student in Kaduna State, Pastor in Southern Nigeria, Sources Say
Six Children, Pregnant Mother among Nine Christians Killed in Herdsmen Attack in Nigeria
Islamist terrorists “plotting Covid-19 (coronavirus) curfew attack” on Christians shot dead by Egypt police
Jihadists celebrate coronavirus “small soldier” as deadly terrorist activity rises under Covid-19 lockdown in Africa
Nigerian widow prays “killers will get to know this Jesus I know” as Fulani murder pastor
Seven killed in Myanmar as aircraft shells hit village in Christian-majority Chin State
Seven Nigerian Christians burnt to death among 19 dead as Fulani militants attack during Covid-19 (coronavirus) lockdown

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