2020 July

The new Iranian persecution law no one knows about
What would you risk to help persecuted Christians?
Israel Orders Closure of Christian TV Channel
A Dozen Christians Arrested Across Iran
Family of Imprisoned Vietnamese Pastor Beaten and Detained
Christian Father and Son Murder by Police in India Sparks Public Protests
Iran: Christians Exposed and Vulnerable
US Supreme Court votes to end “unfair” public aid ban on religious schools in Montana
Hindu spiritual leader demands all non-Muslims in India identify as Hindus
Three married couples among seven Iranian converts sentenced for “propaganda against state”
Thousands of Chin Christians go hungry as Myanmar Army blockades cut food supplies
Nigerian church leader demands urgent action to halt relentless Boko Haram killings, abductions and rapes
Indian church leaders call for government action after Christian father and son tortured to death in police custody
Hagia Sophia, foreign Christians targeted in Turkey
This Week In Christian Persecution News, Week of June 29 - July 5, 2020
Turkey orders deportation of pastor’s American wife, a mother-of-three, in string of expulsions
Over Fifty Attacks in Nigeria by Boko Haram go Unreported
Chinese Communist Party threatened by growth of the Church
Christian Mother of Four in India Was Persecuted before Her Death
China: Chen Jiahong pleads guilty in trial
China Updated: Police Raid Church: Hold Elders
US Freedom of Religion Under Attack? California Bans Singing in Church
Pray for Christians in Iran and Nepal
Hong Kong arrests 370 after new National Security Law
Roundtable begs Trump to take action for Hong Kong
National Security Law goes into effect in Hong Kong
Christian Father of Two Killed in Jharkhand State, India
Updates on Pastor Wally and COVID situation
Egypt and Turkey threaten war in Libya

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