Event: Exodus of Religious Minority Communities in Afghanistan
New Myanmar Report Explores History and Future of Eight Religious Minority Groups
USCIRF News Digest - June 16, 2021
Police seize Hao Guiru for visiting Minister Wu Wuqing inside his home (with door chained)
Airstrikes Kill in Karenni State While an Estimated 100,000 Flee
UN experts show concern on forced organ harvesting in China
Police summon Elder Li Yingqiang and nine other ERCC Christians to police station after memorial service of congregant’s father
Pakistani Christian couple acquitted after 7 years on death row
Dead or alive? Shekau status unlikely to alter Nigeria’s instability By Katey HearthJune 15, 2021
Children Orphaned, Civilians Dead from Landmines, and Villager Shot by Burma Army in Karen State
Homes of Nine Christian Families in India Ransacked and Destroyed
ERCC Preacher Locked Up in His Own Home
Student Killed, Several Abducted from College in Nigeria
Assyrian Christian Activist Kidnapped and Released by Terrorist Group
Burma (Myanmar): War Comes to Chin and Kayah States
Evangelicals Take Brunt of COVID-19 Collateral Damage in Vietnam
Acquitted Christian Couple, Attorney in Pakistan Fear for their Lives
Thousands Forced to Flee in Chin State, Myanmar After Military Strikes Against IDP Camps
Teenage Ethiopian Christian Boy Summarily Shot Dead by Authorities
Christians Launch Legal Challenge Against Gujarat Education Act, as Anti-Conversion Bill Set to Come Into Force
Official Churches Among Those Affected by Chinese Social Media Clampdown
5,500 Young Persecuted Christians Apply for Croatian Scholarships
Shenzhen Holy Reformed Church members who fled to Jeju Island and await rescue admit, “There’s no way back for us”
Please Pray for the Karen People in Myanmar
Former CCP State Security employee Fan Baolin: "... I am on a road of no return"
Saudi court ruling still pending on “Brother A”
Ten Years after the Arab Spring: How has Religious Freedom Changed Across the Middle East?
Elder Zhang Chunlei, detained since March 16: "Pray for me..., that I let God guide me"
Pakistani Christian population declines
Three Killed in Kenya During Ambush of Two Buses

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