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 1 Corinthians 12:26a

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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending February 27, 2021


Please pray for NGOs around the world

Today is World NGO Day - a day to celebrate the work of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) like CSW around the world.

Jubilee Campaign to Host Four Parallel Events to the Upcoming UN Human Rights Council

 Jubilee Campaign is pleased to announce that during the upcoming 46th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council, we will be hosting four virtual parallel events focusing on a wide range of topics including Freedom of Religion or Belief, apostasy laws, abduction and forced conversion of religious minority girls, and justice and accountability.

ChinaAid Update: "We should really pray hard...that they can stand firmly on their faith in God."

ChinaAid President Bob Fu joined Jonathan Clark on The Worldview on February 24th to discuss the situation in Hong Kong after the implementation of the National Security Law.

[Invitation] 21Wilberforce Speak Freedom Conference

The Speak Freedom Conference is a two day leadership program on living with passion, leading with excellence and leading systemic changes.

Democratic Republic of the Congo’s 2021 death toll includes 100+ believers

Nightly raids claim more than a dozen lives in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). On Monday, Italian diplomats and World Food Program workers were killed during an attack on a UN convoy.

Persecution or reform: what’s going on in Sudan?

Longtime dictator Omar al-Bashir’s ouster in 2019 ushered in a new era of hope for Sudanese Christians.

Christian Mother in Uganda Hit with Acid for Her Faith, Sources Say

Former Muslim says husband assaulted her.

USCIRF Condemns Killing of Gonabadi Sufi Activist by Iranian Officials

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) condemns in the strongest terms the deliberate medical malpractice at Iran’s notorious Evin Prison that caused the death of Behnam Mahjoubi, a 33 year-old Gonabadi Sufi activist.

USCIRF Commissioner Nury Turkel Adopts New Religious Prisoner of Conscience from Tajikistan

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) Commissioner Nury Turkel today announced his adoption of Shamil Khakimov, who he will advocate for as part of USCIRF’s Religious Prisoners of Conscience Project.

Pakistani Christians arrested for reading the Bible in a park

Two Christian men were harassed and arrested in Lahore, Pakistan last week. Their crime? Reading the Bible aloud in a public park.

Nigerian Christians attacked every Sunday in February

Violence against Christians continues unabated in northern Nigeria.

70 Eritrean Christians released from prison

About 70 total Christians have been released from three different prisons in Eritrea.

Islamist Terrorists in Nigeria Threaten to Execute Pastor

Church leader pleads for rescue from ISWAP (formerly Boko Haram) captors.

Church, Two Homes Set Ablaze in Nigeria

The Holy Family Catholic Church and two family homes in Kikwari village, Kaduna state were burned down on Sunday, February 21, according to Vanguard News.

101 Members of Congress Send Letter to Administration Calling for U.S. Attention on Artsakh

Yesterday, a bipartisan group of 101 members of the U.S. House of Representatives cosigned a letter sent to two members of President Biden’s cabinet, expressing their concern for U.S. policy towards the South Caucasus.

Pakistani Christians Endure 38 Incidents of Persecution in the Last Six Months of 2020

The last six months of 2020 proved to be another challenging time for Christians in Pakistan.

School Forces Student to Wear Hijab to “Avoid Mosquito Bites”

A video with a duration of more than 15 minutes recently viral on social media in Indonesia, as it sparked anger and discussion on the issue of religious persecution.

Religious Liberty Prayer Bulletin | RLPB 586

New Interreligious Aide to Imran Khan Says Minorities in Pakistan “Not Second Class Citizens”

After an announcement in December 2020, the Pakistani government has renewed a commitment to protect minorities and promote religious tolerance with the appointment of a special aide to advise Prime Minister Imran Khan on interreligious matters.

Two Pakistani Christian Men Accused of “Blasphemy”

A complaint of “blasphemy” was filed against two Christians in Pakistan on 13 February, soon after they had a conversation with a group of Muslims in Model Town, Lahore.

Chinese Government’s Tight New Regulations for Ministry Include Database of Church Leaders

New government measures, which will include a database of church leaders, look set to introduce even more state control over Christian ministry in China.

Iranian Christian Convert Ends Prison Hunger Strike on Promise of Release

Iranian Christian convert Ebrahim Firouzi, who has spent more than six years in prison because of his faith, has ended a hunger strike he began in jail on February 13 after receiving assurances that the latest accusations against him will be dropped and he will soon be released.

Pastor in Turkey Defends Himself Against Deportation as “Threat to National Security”

A pastor who has worked in Turkey for more than 20 years attended, with his lawyer, a 10-minute hearing at an administrative court in Istanbul on February 11 to answer an accusation by the authorities that he is a “threat to national security,” which, if upheld, will effectively ban him from the country.

Nigeria: Herdsmen Kill Church Elder, Abduct Three Other Christians

Muslim Fulani also wound Christian in attack in northwest Nigeria.

USCIRF Releases New Report about Santería in Cuba

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released the following factsheet on the Santería tradition in Cuba:

In Pakistan, Representation for Religious Minorities Meets New Complications

The much-awaited Pakistan National Commission on Minorities was finally approved in a Federal Cabinet meeting in May 2020, after six years on the fence.

Christian Leader in Sudan Detained, Blindfolded and Beaten, Sources Say

Security personnel suspected of abducting youth leader.

Religious Minorities in Pakistan Face Setbacks

The much-awaited Pakistan National Commission on Minorities was finally approved in a Federal Cabinet meeting in May 2020, after six years on the fence.

Christian in Algeria Imprisoned for Cartoon on Facebook

A Christian who had received and reposted a cartoon of the prophet of Islam on his Facebook account three years ago was not too concerned when gendarmerie showed up at his door on Jan. 20.

Please pray for Uyghur Christians, and all those caught in the Uyghur holocaust

This is why it is crucial for the voices of faith to be heard, proclaiming with clarity that they are not trying to defend any partial or exclusive vision but are speaking, protesting and praying for the good of all. That is why we are here today.’



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