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 1 Corinthians 12:26a

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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending June 12, 2021


Please Pray for the Karen People in Myanmar

Let Paul’s words to the Ephesians inspire you to pray boldly for the transformation of Myanmar/Burma this week, as violent clashes continue to spread throughout the country.

Former CCP State Security employee Fan Baolin: "... I am on a road of no return"

Prior to working for the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) Party’s massive security system, Fan Baolin participated in the deadly 1989 suppression of the Tiananmen Square democratic protests.

Saudi court ruling still pending on “Brother A”

Mystery surrounds “Brother A,” whose name is withheld for security purposes. Persecution watchdogs expected courts in Saudi Arabia to release a verdict on his case last week, but so far? Nothing.

Ten Years after the Arab Spring: How has Religious Freedom Changed Across the Middle East?

Please join the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) for a virtual event examining the long-term impact of the Arab Spring movement on religious freedom across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and assessing U.S. policy options.

Elder Zhang Chunlei, detained since March 16: "Pray for me..., that I let God guide me"

Guiyang Ren Ai Church reported that on June 4, the lawyer representing Elder Zhang Chunlei, accused of  “fraud,” met with him in Guiyang No. 2 Detention Center. Elder Zhang, detained since March 16, appears thinner, but spiritually healthy. He told his lawyer:

Pakistani Christian population declines

The Christian population in Pakistan has shrunk over the last two decades.

Three Killed in Kenya During Ambush of Two Buses

Fear of Al-Shabaab Attacks Escalates in Northern Kenya

Burkina Faso bloodbath kills 138, displaces thousands

Believers stand ready to help in the fallout of Burkina Faso’s latest attack.

[FREE VIRTUAL EVENT] Congress and International Religious Freedom

"The 116th Congress International Religious Freedom Congressional Scorecard has an important story to tell...

Police fail to respond to Minister Wu Wuqing or unchain door to fire safety equipment

During the morning of June 04, unknown individuals chained the door in the hallway outside the home of Wu Wuqing—a minister of Chengdu of Early Rain Covenant Church.

China bans Tiananmen Square candlelight commemoration events

This year marks the 32nd anniversary of the “Tiananmen Square Massacre,” the blatant, brutal bloodbath CCP authorities cruelly orchestrated in 1989 to suppress the patriotic and democratic movement.

Russian and Ukrainian Christians unite despite war

Russians and Ukrainians should be enemies, as a war between the two countries drags into its eighth year.

ChinaAid Update:­ Your Prayers Needed For Modern-Day Mayflower Church Exodus

Click here for ChinaAid Update:­ Your Prayers Needed For Modern-Day Mayflower Church Exodus

INDIA | CSW Expresses Condolences on Death of Human Rights Defender

CSW is saddened to report that Nehemiah Christie, a Christian religious leader and human rights defender based in Tamil Nadu, India, passed away June 6 at the age of 40.

Over 1,400 Nigerian Christians killed in 4 months

According to a human rights report, over 1,400 Nigerian Christians have been murdered and over 2,000 abducted in the last 4 months.

Wycliffe Associates creates safe haven for persecuted Christians

Bible translators face persecution and abuse for their faith in many countries.

Employer Allegedly Sends Hit Men to Kill Christian

In another village, Muslim relatives destroy home of new believer.

Church Demolished by Hindu Nationalists with No Consequences

The families of Bodaguda village, Koraput, experienced yet another traumatic and discriminative showdown with Hindu nationalists.

70 People Killed This Week in Eastern DRC

The Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a foreign terrorist organization and affiliate of ISIS, is suspected to be behind the massacre of 70 civilians in eastern DRC this week.

High Court in Pakistan Acquits Christian Couple on Death Row for Blasphemy

Couple Finally Released After Being “Left to Die” on Death Row

Another Church Attacked by Burmese Military in Eastern Myanmar

During the evening of May 26, another church in Kayah state was attacked by the Burmese military.

Pakistan: Acquitted but still imperiled

On Thursday 3 June the Lahore High Court accepted the appeal of Christians Shafqat Emmanuel (49) and his wife Shagufta Kausar (52) and acquitted them of the charge of blasphemy.

Over 2,000 Covid Deaths Amongst Pastors and Christian Leaders in India and Nepal Leave Christians Floundering and Ministries in Danger of Collapse

Christian leaders in India and Nepal are dying of Covid-19 at such a rate that scores of Christian ministries are in danger of closing because there is no one to lead them. Black fungus now poses an additional deadly threat in India.

Christian Widow Forced to Re-Convert After Husband’s Death

A Christian widow in Odisha State, India, has been forced to re-convert to her old religion by villagers who threatened to prevent his funeral.

Christian Couple Acquitted of “Blasphemy” Charges in Pakistan

A Christian couple who have been on death row in Pakistan since being convicted of “blasphemy” in 2014 have been acquitted of all charges in an appeal hearing at Lahore High Court.

Christian Couple in Bhutan Denied Government Support Unless They Convert to Buddhism

A homeless Christian couple in Bhutan are being denied any help or support from the government unless they convert to Buddhism.

Indonesian Police Foil Islamist Terrorist Plot to Bomb Churches in Papua

Police in Indonesia have uncovered an Islamist terrorist plot to attack several churches and assassinate a leading church minister in the country’s Christian-majority province of Papua.

Arab Council of Australia Calls for Government Recognition of Armenian Genocide

The Arab Council of Australia has added its voice to the campaign calling on Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s government to recognise the Armenian Genocide.

Retired Nigerian Church Minister Freed by Kidnappers After Colleague Murdered

A retired Nigerian church minister has been freed after being kidnapped in an attack in which another minister was killed.

Anglican Minister Among 55 Killed in Islamist Attack in Democratic Republic of Congo

An Anglican minister was among at least 55 people killed in Islamist attacks on camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Pastor of Church Ordered to Close in Algeria Sentenced to Prison

His church building one of three a court orders sealed.

Please join in praying for those forcibly disappeared

Every year, thousands of people of faith are taken by force and simply disappear. Each one leaves behind families and loved ones who are plunged into uncertainty – torn apart by grief yet tortured by the hope that their loved one may still be alive.




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