2020 September

Dr. Bob Fu —2020 Saints Peter and Paul Conference: Christian Persecution Is Real
USCIRF Welcomes Release of Pastor A Dao in Vietnam
The International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians
TAJIKISTAN: "No reason to fear" census religion question?
Cuban Lawyer and Journalist Released
Early Rain Covenant Church member confronts undercover ”spy“
Modern-day slavery: China abuses Uyghurs in detention camps and forced labor
Hong Kong Chief Executive: Chinese Law applies to arrested protesters\
USCIRF Welcomes Import Ban against Xinjiang Firms
CCP assigns lawyers for 12 Hong Kong protesters
Update on Pastor John Cao
Iranian pastor talks about his time in prison
Good news, but please continue praying for Eritrean Christians
Boko Haram is Recruiting Young Children in New Drive
CCP Manipulates Christian Business Owners
Police in India Use Framed Charges Against Son to Disband Pastor’s House Church
3 Iranian Christians Flee the Country
Sudan: Peace and Liberty, Hope and Resistance
At least 58 people killed in jihadi attacks on Christian-majority region of DRC
Wounded Nigerian pastor shot dead in cold blood while raising alarm of Fulani militant attack
Pakistani Christian sentenced to death over “blasphemous” text messages
Sudan agrees to separate religion and state, ending 30 years of Islamic rule
Pakistani Christian couple’s appeal hearing against “blasphemy” conviction adjourned
Zafar Bhatti’s lawyers encouraged by outcome of High Court hearing in Pakistan
Uzbekistan’s draft new Religion Law fails to deliver significant reforms
Please continue to pray for Pakistan
THIS WEDNESDAY: USCIRF Hearing on Religious Freedom in Russia and Central Asia
The Persecution Of Christians Is Escalating Dramatically All Over The World
Family Research Council interviews Bob Fu
Document for Uyghurs' graduates further invalidates human rights

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