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 CIC Persecution News Headlines
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 1 Corinthians 12:26a



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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending November 14, 2020

ICC to Co-Host Virtual Religious Freedom Event on November 16

The government of Hungary and International Christian Concern will be hosting a virtual side event for the Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom on November 16, at 9:00 a.m. EST entitled: The Nexus of Persecution and Humanitarian Aid.

Update: To force Elder Yingqiang Li’s family to move again, police

facilitate disconnect of electricity, water, natural gas, and internet from their residence in Leshan

During the morning of November 11, 2020, Yingqiang Li, elder of Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC), posted the following prayer requests on his Facebook page: “The natural gas was cut off at our family’s residence in Leshan the evening of November 11.

ChinaAid helps Yi Li Sen, an ethnic Kazakh man from Xinjiang Province, escape repatriation back to China

When ChinaAid Association learned that Yi Li Sen, an ethnic Kazakh man from Xinjiang Province, had traveled through Central Asia seeking asylum, Pastor Bob Fu, founder of ChinaAid, immediately contacted the U.S. Department of State to initiate a rescue operation.

UK Expected to Appoint New Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief

This week, please pray for the UK Prime Minister to appoint a new Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief, and that the Special Envoy’s work would help to right situations of injustice around the world.

Update: Pastor Juncai Li of the forcibly-demolished Yuanyang Country, Central House Church, detained since February 20, 2019, awaits retrial

Pastor Juncai Li of the forcibly-demolished Yuanyang County Central House Church continues to await a court verdict for charges of crimes of position encroachment, obstruction of public affairs, and destruction of accounts.

USCIRF Condemns Attack on a Mosque in Burkina Faso

“Last week’s attack on a mosque in Burkina Faso is absolutely reprehensible,” said USCIRF Chair Gayle Manchin. “An attack on any house of worship is an attack on religious freedom writ large.”

Police siege the home of the 90-year-old father of Liu Xiaoqiong, a female human rights activist, to stop Early Rain Covenant Church pastors from baptizing Believer

Recently, state security officers sieged the home of the father of Liu Xiaoqiong, a renowned Chengdu female human rights activist, to sabotage the elderly man’s hope of following Christ in baptism.

Fulani Kill Four Christians, Abduct Others in North-Central Nigeria

In northwest, five daughters of pastor kidnapped.

Court in Pakistan Nullifies Christian Girl's Marriage to Muslim Catholic 13-year-old sent back to shelter home.

A high court in Sindh Province, Pakistan on Monday (Nov. 9) invalidated the marriage of a 13-year-old Catholic girl to a Muslim alleged to have abducted and forcibly married her, sources said.

Gunmen Kidnap Coptic Christian in Egypt

Targeted Violence Haunts Egypt’s Sinai Christians

Ugandan Mob Kills Pastor After Radio Broadcast

According to Morningstar News, a group of Muslim extremists in Northern Uganda killed a pastor who had just finished a radio broadcast.

Medical Report in Pakistan Proves Arzoo Raja Is A Minor

According to local reports, a medical board in Pakistan found that Arzoo Raja, a 13-year-old Christian girl abducted and married by her 44-year-old Muslim neighbor, is no more than 14-years-old.

Christian Family Attacked and Socially Boycotted in Southern India

In Late-October, a Christian pastor and his family in southern India were attacked by a mob of Hindu religious fanatics.

RLPB 575. Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh): Genocide Postponed?

Frank Wolf International Religious Freedom Award

Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom: Samuel Dale Brownback

Major flaws in CCP's intrusive monitoring system cause increases in police raids and gulags, yet may offer a bit of comfort for the persecuted

China’s intrusive monitoring system, which has adopted some of the most advanced surveillance technologies in the world and regularly annexes new capabilities, frightens some.

Recent agreement moves Sudan closer to religious freedom

After a two-day meeting, Christian and Muslim leaders in Sudan signed an agreement promoting peace and religious freedom. It’s the first of its kind and a significant step forward.

Update: Police demand that landlord of Elder Li Yingqiang of ERCC rescind lease, forcing Elder Li to move again

During the afternoon of November 6, Elder Li Yingqiang of Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) posted on FaceBook that police were forcing his family, currently living in Leshan, to move again.

Police interrogate Yunfei Ran, renowned writer from ERCC, for participating in online seminar

During the evening of November 4, officers summoned Yunfei Ran, a renowned writer from Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC), to the police station for participating in “Christianity and Chinese Culture,” an online seminar.

At least 54 ethnic Amharas, mostly Christian women, children and elderly, reported massacred at school in Ethiopia

Survivors of a massacre at a school in the western Oromia region of Ethiopia reported that at least 54 ethnic Amhara, most of whom are thought to have been Christians, died, according to a body count made after gunmen opened fire on a gathering of about 200.

Jihadists behead more than 50 people in football pitch massacre in Mozambique

Islamic militants turned a village football pitch in northern Mozambique into an execution ground where they beheaded more than 50 people during three days of savage violence between Friday, 6 November and Sunday, 8 November.

North Korean Covid patients “left to starve to death in quarantine camps”

North Korea has set up “quarantine camps” for Covid-19 patients, where they are deprived of food and medicine, causing many to die of starvation, according to Christians working in the area.

Bangladeshi Christians and others in peaceful protest against Islamist attacks

 Bangladeshi Christians, and other minority groups, took to the streets of Dhaka in a 500-strong peaceful protest march on 7 November against relentless Islamist extremist attacks on minority communities.

High Court declares Pakistani Christian girl’s “marriage” to Muslim abductor illegal

Sindh High Court ruled on 9 November that Pakistani Christian girl Arzoo Raja is a minor and declared that her “marriage” to her Muslim abductor is illegal.




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