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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending March 20, 2021


Upcoming event: Antisemitism in the OSCE Region and U.S. Policy Responses

USCIRF Conversation: New Report on Antisemitism in the OSCE Region and U.S. Policy Responses

#PrayforLeah in a CSW first – 24 hours of prayer around the globe

Join us 14 May 2021 for a prayer event unlike any other ...

CUBA | Journalist Summoned by Authorities

Cuban independent journalist, Yoel “Yoe” Suárez, received a summons to present himself at the Miramar Police Station on March 12, the latest development in an ongoing campaign of harassment against him and his family by the Cuban authorities. 

USCIRF Releases Country Update on Azerbaijan

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released a country update on religious freedom conditions in Azerbaijan:

Malaysian woman wins 13 year fight for right to call God ‘Allah’

A Malaysian woman’s campaign for Christians’ right to use the word “Allah” for “God” has succeeded after almost 13 years of court hearings and delays.

Prison rejects two requests Pastor John Cao’s 84-year-old mother made: 1) to visit him; 2) for him to receive Bible

On March 5, the fourth anniversary of Pastor John Cao Sanqiang’s imprisonment, Lawyer Yang Hui, Pastor Cao’s defense lawyer, wrote in his notes: “Today, under

Please Pray for Grieving Pakistani Believers as Easter Approaches

These words of Jesus, from the Sermon on the Mount, have brought peace and comfort to countless people over the centuries. This week, pray this verse over Pakistan’s Christian community.

Life Sentence for Christian in Pakistan Changed to Death Penalty

Judge bows to Islamist legal group's pressure.

Commentary & AnalysisLegacy of a Hard-Working Fighter for Religious Freedom

Ruth Montano toiled in the trenches for silenced voices in Bolivia.

USCIRF Commemorates Fifth Anniversary of ISIS Genocide Recognition

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today joins religious communities in Iraq and Syria—including Yazidis, Christians, and Shi’a Muslims—in remembering the tens of thousands of lives lost to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) atrocities, five years after the U.S. Department of State and Congress declared those crimes genocide.

Chinese Communist Party Sues VOC Senior Fellow Dr. Adrian Zenz in Latest Uyghur Genocide Denial Attempt

On March 15, the Chinese Communist Party announced it is suing renowned China scholar, Dr. Adrian Zenz, Senior Fellow in China Studies at the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation, in its latest attempt to cover up its crimes against Uyghur Muslims and other religious minorities in Xinjiang.

SYRIA | Christians Detained by Islamist Groups

CSW learned that the self-named Syrian National Army detained five men, at least two of whom are Christians, in the town of Rass Al-Ein, near Hassaka in Northeast Syria, last week.

Merchant in Laos Makes Christ Known Despite Opposition

When local missionaries in Laos shared the gospel with a woman running a small business a little over a year ago, they had no idea she would have such spiritual impact – enough to draw the ire of a local communist official.

"Tell my family, I died well"

Throughout history, navigators used the sun and stars to make their way across thousands of miles.

CSW | CSW-USA Welcomes New CEO

CSW is delighted to announce the appointment of Kori Porter as CEO of CSW-USA, supporting CSW’s advocacy for freedom of religion or belief and spearheading outreach with churches, donors and the wider public in the United States.

Bazhong City State Security Branch officers arrest and "disappear" Liu Zhiming for online tweets and comments

On March 8, following 10 days detention because of his tweet on Twitter, Luo Zhiming sent a text message to a close friend expressing concerns that he might become “missing” again. Returning home from his recent 10-day detention, Mr. Luo found that Chinese Communist Party agents had confiscated his computer, cell phone, and other possessions. 

Militants Massacre 24 Christians in Ethiopia

Christians in western Ethiopia fear for their lives after dozens of believers were reportedly massacred by armed militants.

Christians request audio Bibles to share Gospel with persecutors

Armed conflict in Central African Republic is expected to cause food shortages for 2.3 million people this year, the United Nations reports.

Myanmar Christians distribute Bibles despite chaos

After seizing power from the elected government, Myanmar’s military continues using violence against civilians.

Christian Mother of Three Beaten, Driven from Home in Eastern India

Officer says she should have been killed for leaving tribal religion.

The Grey Wolves: A Marriage of Ethnic Religious Extremism

The name hides an extremist ideology behind a cloak of vague metaphors.

VHP Secretary-General Promotes Anti-Conversion Law

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Secretary-General Milind Parande congratulated the Madhya Pradesh government during a press conference on February 27 for passing the Freedom to Religion Bill, 2021, also known as an anti-conversion law.

39 Students Kidnapped in Nigeria

Thirty-nine students were abducted on Thursday during an overnight raid at the Federal College of Forestry Mechanization, in Afaka, the Igabi local government area of Kaduna State.

Ethiopia: Pivotal Elections; Church Massacre - plus Update Burma (Myanmar)

Ethiopians will go to the polls on 5 June. It is no exaggeration to say that the future of Ethiopia hangs in the balance.

Militants Massacre 24 Christians, Including Two Ministers in Western Ethiopia

Twenty-four Christians, including two ministers, were attacked and killed by armed militants in western Ethiopia on Sunday, March 7.

Gunmen Abduct 39 Students From Nigerian College in Kaduna

Gunmen abducted 39 students, most of whom are Christians, from the Federal College of Forestry Mechanisation in Mando, Kaduna state, Nigeria, on March 11.

Saudi Convert to Christianity Faces Two Court Cases Amid Threats of Violence

A Christian convert in Saudi Arabia is facing two court cases as well as threats of violence against him and his family.

Myanmar Facial Recognition Software Raises Concerns for Persecution of Ethnic Groups Including Christians

The military government of Myanmar has access to a system of 335 surveillance cameras equipped with facial recognition and vehicle licence plate recognition software, a move which raises concerns for persecuted ethnic minorities, including Christians.

Egypt to Introduce Teaching on Christianity and Judaism in School Religious Education

The Egyptian Ministry of Education has approved the introduction of teaching about Christianity and Judaism, highlighting “common values” with Islam as part of religious education in schools.

Sri Lankan Government Drafting New Law Against “Unethical Conversions” Amid Violent Attacks on Christians

The government of Buddhist-majority Sri Lanka is drafting proposed legislation to counter a rise in religious conversions.

From Arab Spring to revival: God moves in Syria

Ten years ago today, the Arab Spring movement sparked massive protests in Damascus, Syria.

ICC Partners with Armenian Assembly of America to Host Event on Nagorno-Karabakh

International Christian Concern (ICC) will be hosting a virtual event on Wednesday, March 17th at 10am EST entitled, Anatomy of Genocide: Karabakh’s Forty-Four Day War.

FISU schedules 2021 Summer World University Games in Chengdu; CCP launches “Adore Science, Anti-Evil-Cult" campaign

The FISU “International University Sports Federation” has scheduled its 31st2021 Summer World University Games for 18-29 August, in Chengdu, Sichuan. Ironically, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials recently began distributing "free" t-shirts and aprons embossed with FISU's logo and the slogan “Adore Science, Anti-Evil-Cult” in marketplaces and restaurants.

The Plight of Persecuted Women

Years ago, I was in Pakistan when I met Mrs. Mukhtar, a grieving widow whose husband had been murdered for his bold witness.

Christian in Algeria Imprisoned for Cartoon on Facebook

Father for four sentenced to five years in prison.

Please pray for Uyghur Christians, and all those caught in the Uyghur holocaust

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, shared these words at an event co-hosted by CSW this week, ‘Together for Uyghurs – a Holocaust memorial event’.




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