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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending January 16, 2021


USCIRF Releases New Report about Key U.S. Government IRF Vacancies for Biden Administration to Fill

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released the following factsheet highlighting key positions in the United States government related to international religious freedom that require appointments by the incoming Biden administration:

2021 World Watch List reveals most dangerous countries for Christians

Open Doors has released the 2021 World Watch List, documenting the 50 most dangerous countries in which to be a Christian.

Imprisoned Lawyer Zhan Zhan asserts that the CCP's concept of loyalty, to "Obey the Party's Command," holds a candle to the devil

Last year, prior to her arrest, Lawyer and journalist Zhan Zhan, recently sentenced to serve four years in prison, shared her thoughts about loyalty.

Sudan: Prayer and Praise

Scripture reminds us of the importance of recognising both the good and bad in life, and of being present to others – in their joy and in their sorrow alike.

ChinaAid plans to post updated documents revealing verdicts based on "falsified" charges for Pastor Li Junca and others

On January 14, Dr. Bob Fu* reported: "Please note: We are still waiting for the final pages of official documents [copies] revealing verdicts based on 'falsified' charges for Pastor Li Junca [and others in church] after Pastor Li refused to demolish church cross...."

COVID-19 exacerbates discrimination against minority Christians globally

• Christians refused coronavirus aid in countries from India to Yemen to West Africa


Church surveillance, COVID-19 controls affect China’s Christians – 1 of 5 global trends

The emergency that dominated the world last year -- the novel coronavirus -- also dominated the countries of the World Watch List published by Open Doors International January 13 ...

Al-Shabaab Attacks Bus Traveling in Kenya Looking for Christians

Fortunately, There Were No Christians Onboard and Nobody Was Killed

Persecution of Christians exacerbated by a year of Covid-19 according to World Watch List 2021

The persecution of Christians around the world has grown, both numerically and in its intensity, in spite of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is according to figures released in the 2021 World Watch List (WWL).

In EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment—36 Civil Society Organisations call for stronger human rights safeguards
In view of the upcoming Plenary session of the European Parliament, today a coalition of 36 civil society organisations (CSOs) have launched a Joint Appeal to the European Institutions calling for the inclusion of enforceable human rights clauses in the EU-China Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI).

Addendum for: CCP authorities sentence house church Pastor Li Juncai to five years in prison plus heavily fine him for refusing demolition of church cross

On January 11, ChinaAid secured a copy of the last page of verdicts for Pastor Li Juncai and three other Christians, Wu Raoyun, Ban Yun, and Ma Yanfang, arrested the same day [February 20, 2019].

“Due to the pandemic in northern China,” CCP officials more strictly monitor illegal religious events; reward “snitchers” who report them

“Due to the pandemic in northern China,” CCP officials more strictly monitor religious events in Beijing; Hebei; surrounding areas, and reward neighbors who snitch [report] on house churches and other religious organizations holding “illegal” gatherings.

Hindu Nationalists Incite Animists to Attack Christians in India

Tribal villagers indoctrinated to do the bidding of Hindu extremists.

State Government in India Approves Harshest Anti-Conversion Law to Date

Lawmakers Claim Ordinance Is India’s Most Stringent Anti-Conversion Law

Turkey Rejects Brunson’s Rights Violation Claim

Yesterday, Turkey’s constitutional court overturned an appeal made by US Pastor Andrew Brunson over rights violations on the basis that it was “inadmissible” and openly groundless.

Indonesian Terrorist Suspects Linked to Church Bombing Killed by the Police

On January 6, two suspected Islamic militants with alleged links to Indonesian suicide bombers who attacked a southern Philippines church in 2019, were killed by police in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi province, according to officials.

Anti-Armenian Hate Crimes Rise in California

According to a report from the San Francisco Examiner, hate crimes against the Armenian Christian community are on the rise.

Turkey Makes No Progress Investigating the Kidnapping of Elderly Christians

Kidnapping-Murder Case Stalls in Turkey

State Government in India Approves Harshest Anti-Conversion Law to Date

Lawmakers Claim Ordinance Is India’s Most Stringent Anti-Conversion Law

Many Kazakh pastors came to faith while in prison

Kazakhstan recently abolished the death penalty after ceasing executions for almost twenty years.

As COVID-19 worsens in Hebei, China, rumors blame Catholic church members for “participating in activities”

As the COVID-19 outbreak in Hebei, China worsens, Chinese Social Media rumors blame local Catholic church members for “participating in activities.”

At Least 13 People Killed in Suicide Bomb Attack in Cameroon

At least 13 people were killed in a suicide bomb attack in predominantly-Christian Mozogo, Mayo Tsanaga department, in Far North Cameroon, after armed militants raided the community.

Pakistani Christian Girl Raped by Muslim Robbers Selflessly Saves Younger Sister From Assault

A 16-year-old Pakistani Christian girl, brutally raped by a gang of Muslim robbers because of her faith, acted selflessly to save her younger sister from sexual attack.

Pressure Increases on Indian Christian Community as Prayer Meetings Come Under Police Scrutiny

Indian police in Shahjahanpur district, Uttar Pradesh state, have been instructed to keep a watch on prayer meetings after five Christians were accused of trying to “unlawfully” convert people to Christianity.

Pastor, Wife in Uganda Attacked after Imam Becomes Christian

Following the conversion of a Muslim imam to Christianity, mosque leaders in eastern Uganda on Dec. 27 incited a group of Muslims to beat a pastor and his wife and demolish parts of their church building, sources said.

Muslim Supervisors Kill Two Christian Women in Pakistan, Sources Say

Police in Lahore, Pakistan on Jan. 4 recovered the bodies of two Christian sisters whose Muslim supervisors pressured them to convert to Islam before killing them, sources said.

December 7 trial set for Lai Jinqiang, entrepreneur from Shenzhen, Guangdong detained for producing electronic Bible players, charged with “unlawful business operation”

On December 7, Brother Lai Jinqiang, entrepreneur from Shenzhen, Guangdong detained for more than a year and a half for producing electronic Bible players, will face the charge of “unlawful business operation” Bao’an People’s Court in Shenzhen.

Police in Pakistan Find Christian Girl Chained in Kidnapper's Home

Separately, Muslim suitor kills young woman for refusing him and Islam.



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