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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending October 16, 2021


Please Pray for Iranian and Nigerian Christians

Pray that God will uphold Professor Tarfa, the Du Merci children, and three Iranian church leaders this week.

USCIRF Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attacks on Shi’a Mosques in Afghanistan

Reiterates Call for State Department to Include Afghan Religious Minorities in U.S. Refugee Admissions Program Priority 2 Designation

Tajikistan’s Inhumane Treatment of Religious Prisoner Indicative of Deteriorating Religious Freedom Condition

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) is alarmed by the government of Tajikistan’s treatment of 70-year-old Jehovah’s Witness Shamil Khakimov, who is serving an excessively harsh prison sentence for alleged extremism for peacefully practicing his faith and reportedly worsening in health especially without proper medical attention.

Five Christians from Abeka Academy taken away by police

On the morning of October 12, Suzhou police took 5 Christian agents of Abeka Academy— a Christian homeschool education program based in the United States —including Wang Jian. 

Chinese evangelist released after 6th detention

Officials released the “Gospel Warrior” Chen Wensheng on October 11th after serving 15 days for public evangelism. This was his sixth detention in 2021.

Pastor in Uganda Killed for Proclaiming Christ to Muslims, Sources Say

Evangelist had cut back on outreach due to dangers.

SRI LANKA | Report Finds Persisting Religious Intolerance

A new report by CSW finds that religious intolerance in Sri Lanka remains high and has been exacerbated by a number of factors, including the 2019 Easter Sunday bombings, social media, and the return to power of Gotabaya and Mahinda Rajapaksa, both of whom espouse Buddhist nationalist rhetoric and stand accused of war crimes during Sri Lanka’s civil war.

CHILE | Churches Destroyed in Arson Attacks

Two churches in the central Biobío Region of Chile were completely destroyed in the early hours of Oct. 12, in the latest in a series of arson attacks against Protestant and Catholic churches in the country which began in 2015.

Wang Guizhen (2006): In prison—we lived in the hell [of] the world

An April 30, 2006 ChinaAid post, "Reeducation through labor camp, the darkest place," shares Wang Guizhen's testimony.

Son Kills Mother Over Her Conversion in Israel

Muad Hib, a 27-year-old man living in northern Israel, was charged with the murder of his mother, Rasha Muklasha, after her conversion from Islam to Christianity.

Six Killed, Three Wounded During Attacks on Farming Communities in Nigeria

Radical Fulani militants attacked two Christian communities in Nigeria’s Plateau State in attacks from October 1-5.

Congress Sends Warning to Burma’s Oppressive Military Junta

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a bipartisan group of congresspersons and senators introduced legislation late on Tuesday to sanction the Burmese military for violating human rights, authorize humanitarian funding, and promote democracy in Myanmar.

Chinese Christian Bookstore Owner’s Appeal Further Delayed

The Chinese Christian online bookstore owner, Chen Yu, has his court of appeals scheduled for September 30 further delayed.

Her co-hostage freed a year before; nun meets Pope after Islamists let her leave Mali

After almost 5 years as a captive of an Al Qaeda-linked Islamist group in Mali in West Africa, a Colombian nun, Gloria Cecilia Narvaez Argoti, has been freed.

Taliban Instruct Religious Police to Be “Moderate”

Activists Remain Skeptical as Taliban Leaders Communicate Progressivism

USCIRF Releases Report Highlighting Uzbekistan’s Religious and Political Prisoners

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) today released a new report titled “Uzbekistan’s Religious and Political Prisoners: Addressing a Legacy of Repression.”

Taliban rule may push Afghans away from Islam

The Taliban is pushing Afghanistan towards religious authoritarianism. The new government supports a strict interpretation of Sharia law and has begun molding even the most mundane laws to this standard.

USCIRF News Digest - October 12, 2021

Armenian Civilian Murdered in Front of Peacekeepers

Artsakh Citizen Killed by Azeri Sniper Fire While Gardening

Two Christians in Pakistan Gunned Down in Religious Dispute

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that two Christians in Pakistan were gunned down by a mob of Muslims following a property dispute that turned religious.

Officials reveal mailing address for imprisoned lawyer

Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials released the new address for imprisoned lawyer Cheng Yuan. However, due to COVID-19, his visitation has been suspended.

United States to Send Humanitarian Aid to Afghanistan

American Leaders Assert Commitment to Safety of Afghan People Without Recognition of Taliban Rule

KAZAKHSTAN: New religious meeting restrictions now in Senate

Amendments to the Religion Law to widen state religious censorship and to make holding religious meetings away from state-registered places of
worship more difficult were approved on 6 October by the lower house of Kazakhstan's Parliament, the Majilis.

Taliban takeover encourages extremists worldwide

At least 100 people were killed or wounded Friday in a suicide bombing at a Shi’ite mosque in Afghanistan.

Indian Church Planter attacked, arrested with family

A church planter in India was recently attacked by anti-Christian extremists during a worship service. The church planter, Jabez*, is a local partner of Mission India.

Indonesia: Convert Apologist Accused of Blasphemy, Assaulted in Prison

On 25 August Indonesian police arrested Muhammad 'Kece' Kosman, a convert to Christianity and former Islamic cleric from Pangandaran Regency, West Java.

Turkey Escalating Airstrikes Against Christians and Other Minorities in Syria and Iraq

Turkey has escalated a supposedly anti-terrorist military campaign in Syria and Iraq which appears to be targeting Christians and other minorities.

Five Injured as Radical Hindutva Nationalists Attack Church Service in Uttarakhand, India

Five people sustained injuries during an attack on a church in Uttarakhand state in northern India on Sunday 3 October.

Christian Woman’s Funeral Conducted According to Hindu Rites in Eastern Sri Lanka

A deceased Christian woman in the village of Karukkamunai, eastern Sri Lanka, was buried according to Hindu rites after residents refused to allow a Christian ceremony.

Five More Students and Matron of Nigeria’s Bethel Baptist High School Released

Kidnappers in Nigeria released five more students and the head nurse of Bethel Baptist High School, Kaduna state, on October 8.

UN Investigator Warns of Islamophobia but Acknowledges Right to Criticize Islam

Ahmed Shaheed, the United Nations Special Rapporteur (investigator) on freedom of religion or belief, has raised concerns about the growth of Islamophobia, arguing that since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, suspicion of Muslims “has escalated to epidemic proportions.”

Police Beat Christians in Custody in Uttar Pradesh State, India

Officer threatens to press serious charges unless he receives payment, victim says.




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