Jim Wilson
Dear Pastor Walley, I heard your message at our first service at Ceder Grove Baptist Church in Leeds, Alabama. My heart was moved and blessed. Thank you so much for the work you are in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I will be praying for you, your family and your good works. Love in Christ Jim Wilson

Dawn Pastor:
You wear Jesus very well. Thank You for sharing your passion with us . Dawn M. Ellard

Jessilyn Justice
I went to the Joshua Revolution and the Youth Rallry @ Heardmont Park, and both times, I am blown away by Pastor Wally's story!!!!! I just wanted to let him and other people that work for the minestery, that I am constantly praying for it and the people it is reaching!!!

Asif Sharaf
I have been involved with a ministry brodcasting Christian Radio programs to Muslims in Urdu language for last three years. Need prayers and more opportunities to reach out to Muslims.

I just wanted to say that I heard Pastor Wall speak at Aquire the Fire in Portland this weekend and it was absolutly amazing. Your story has touched my life and I am sure the lives of many other teens alike. I will be praying for you and your ministry. In Christ, Shawnee

Laura Stevenson
HI I was wondering if you could send me a few pics. of Christans w/ their feet and arms bound and who they look before they are murdered( this is for a speech i have to do.) thanks

Peace you all and thank you for what you doing May my GOD BLESS YOU Father help us in our work!

I think this is a great website.I heard about it through Pastor Wally at a youth conference.

Bob Eustace
I want to be faithful to Hebrews 13:3 as a life-long commitment. Early Christians, and normal Christianity, obliges us to bear one another's burdens. As we are obedient in these things, the personal closeness to God, and larger revivals we long for, are just by-products of that obedience (Isaiah 58:8,10), to say nothing of the encouragement our active support brings to the persecuted, the testimony of our unity to the world (John 17:23), and the joy our love brings to the Father's heart. May intercession increase like a huge bonfire that grows brighter and stronger until our Lord returns!

Pr.Carlos / Chile
Desde Chile un gran abrazo a cada santo que participa en vuestro ministerio. Soy un joven pastor a quien siempre le ha movido el corazon por orar por la iglseia perseguida. MI deseo es poder tenar informacion en espaol con respecto a la persecucion de la Iglesia alrededor del mundo y poder constribuir con un poco en poder crear conciencia por ahora en mi pais de la realidadd e nuestros hermanos alrededor del mundo... Por ello desearia si pueden enviarme informacion..se los agradeceria mucho... Desde ya muchas gracias Isaias 58:11 NOTA : Es posible hacer parte de un equipo de trabajo por un tiempo alguno de estos paises.. y cual es el costo de esto... GOD BLESS

john hullo,
I am browsing your site and am interisted in praying for Christians, I will come back and look some more my site is http://au.geocities.com/john_garrod