PameLa Bates
Please send me more information. Is there a video of Pastor Wally's testimony. I saw a portion of it on television and wonder if it is available to purchase and share with other believers. I'll never forget the prayer he prayed in a plea for his life: Lord, You can still use me! How powerful! What a prayer for every believer! Not Lord, I would like to see my grandchildren grow up; or Lord, I would like to see my son graduate; nor Lord, I would like to see my wife go to college but Lord, let me live to see Your glory in me! I was blessed and challenged! God bless you, PameLa Bates

Charlotte Partosoebroto
Hello dearest brother and sister in the Lord. Please pray for my country because I love my country so much. I am from Indonesia. God bless you all and God bless Indonesia

jim la salandra
send updates

Debbie Phelps
Our son Adam attends First Assembly of God in Ft. Myers, FL and was at the Youth Missions Banquet 11-6-02. He raised his hand regarding ''being called to the Mission Field''and prayed with Wally. We have known since he was 5 that God had a calling on his life.Wally, we heard you a couple of years ago when you were here. Thank you for the impact you have had on us, and especially Adam. We will continue to pray for you and your ministry. Debbie Phelps

Teresa Polychronis
Please send my news alerts.

shelia edwards
God Bless you in your efforts, we are honoring the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted & martyrs for Christ tomorrow in our litte church here in Arkansas. you are in our prayers this day.

Mike O
HELLO, I was excited to get this prayer update for the percecuted church. It would be a blessing to hear and meet Pastor Walley, can you come to Golden Hills Church in Antioch, CA?. My wife and I presented the VOM video at our church's outreach center for the lost and homeless! The video was moving and heart breaking and at the same time a testimony of the Lord Jesus Spirit to uplift and give those believers the power to forgive those who persecuted them! Yours in Christ Jesus, Mike and Stephanie O

Ken Esarey
Today is the first I have visited your site. I have found it to be very enlightening. This source of information about our brothers/sisters will help me pray more effectively and knowledgeably. Thanks!

Charles D. Akula
May God change the hearts of people who are persecuting our brothers and sisters in The Lord. Pryer IS POWERFUL. GOD IS IN CONTROL. Lord and GOD Jesus SAVES US ALL.

Stephanie Bentt-Dale
November 12 we will go to our local House of Prayer and spend some time interceeding for the persecuted church. Ashburnham Prayer Centre is holding 24/7 week of prayer for the nation and the nations.We will use info we obtained today from your site. In the future we will be able to use your prayer letter. PTL for all the work you do for our family who are in chains for the Gospel. Erik & Stephanie .