Amber N.
I was at Teen mania Extreme Camp this past week and I just wanted to say that Pastor Wally really touched my heart. I am now remembering and including all the persecuted Christians all over the world in my prayers. I hear there's a persecution report and I would be very grateful if you could help my find out how to begin receiving that so that I will be better able to pray for me Brothers and Sisters in Christ. God Bless and touch you all as he has me, Amber

Thank you so much for sharing with us about the persecuted and informing us about them...May God richly bless you as you serve HIM!!!!

Emily Cleveland
Pastor Wally- I was at the Teen Mania camp that you spoke at on August 1st. You really touched me with your words and what you have been through. I wish I had gotten the chance to talk to you, but I did not. I have just become a prayer intercessor, and plan on being one for as long as possible. I look foward to seeing you speak again sometime. In Christ, Emily

joey (joseph) freid
I say pastor wally speek a teen maine youth camp and he inspierd me to be the best man of god I could be. and one day I hope to be able to be a misanary one day.

God bless you!!! Bulgaria love Jesus.

Isabela Lemoine
I heard Pastor Wally preach at Acquire the Fire in Dallas, Texas back in March of this year. To be honest, I have never been for missionaries. I thought they just wanted to go on vacation. I cried through his whole message. That day I was completely sold out to missions. I asked God to forgive me and I truly repented for my thoughts. This summer I went on a missions trip to Lima, Peru. The Lord God performed Awesom Miracles and in the proces changed me. The cry of my heart is for the lord to burden me with the lost souls of this world. I desire to see the lost saved and living for Jesus. I want Jesus to open my eyes so that I may see through him. I love the Lord and I have been blessed by the changes that are taking place. God is good. Please keep praying for all the missionaries. Love, Isabela

Pastor Johan & Esther Lourens
We visit your webpage and it is really worthwile.Keep up the good work till our Master come.God bless

I met Pastor Wally at Aquire the Fire in Washington. I was touched by his testimony and encouraged. I love to hear about Christians that are not about words but actions. God Bless! Philippians 1:29 ''For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for him''

Regina Rudzik
It is such a relief to know that there are countless others who share my burden for our brothers and sisters who suffer for our Lord's sake. He is leading me to many ministries in order to be educated about the suffering church, to be able to pray specifically for it, and to disseminate information about persecution against the Church. For many years I thought the problem was just too big for I know I am to be faithful in doing my part and trust God to bring others alongside. You are doing a beautiful work for Him. With you in Christ, Regina

Tim Ortiz
Pastor Wally, I met you in Auburn Hills Michigan at Aquire The Fire this year 2002. As you may remember I had just undergone a kidney transplant and was recovering well. Recently I was approved for a pancreas transplant which could happen at any time. I have considerd all the trials of sickness, operations, failed eye sight, and now recovery as nothing compaired to what many others have sufferd for the sake of Christ including yourself! I pray only that I am found to be faithfull and willing to accept any thing that comes my way. I have been asking the Lord to help us to have you here, but many in our town are reluctant to partner to bring you here. Pray that God softens there hearts! The church that I pastor is beginning to be blessed, and they are finally able to lend some financial support. We have begain to support a Home Missionary and desire to support what God is doing through you also. I cry as I write this to you for many are new converts and are learning the joy of giving and faithfulness. I am humbled to have met you and your Pastor's they are special people of God. This is my prayer for you today. Jesus, bless this man and the gift that he is to the body of Christ! Bless the staff and all who volenteer there! Give them increase so that they can make others aware of the tortures that are happening even now! And thank you most of all for bringing them into my life if only for a moment! By the power of Christ I pray. Amen Tim Ortiz Servant at The Father's Heart Ministries