Susan Adair
Your testimony inspires me!

hey, hope everyone out there wants to be a missionary or already has been one!

hi Pastor Wally...this is missy, preshus' friend. Well, i recently left the Vallejo church, and i just wanted you to know that you have made such an impact in my life since Acquire the Fire. I hope that you please and touch the hearts of many other people, because as many hearts as you've touched that night, each person you have, is as many as they will reach as well, and on will it go. Thank you for bringing such a beautiful family into the world, especially as Preshus. After Acquire the Fire, i shared my testimony about it at church, and everybody liked it. In fact, Ate Ichu was touched and asked for a copy of the essay. Thank you so much. -Missy

I first met pastor wally at stand up in april at indianapolis and i tried to get to his website but had it wrong after finding it i'm so glad i found it thank you for providing a great site and helping me see the big picture God Bless

Mindy White
Greetings to Pastor Wally, family & staff. There are people in Kansas praying for you and the persecuted. Blessings!! MW

Chase Kenemer
hey whats up pastor walley this is chase from the youth convention in dallas the rest of the trip turned out great. i let my mom here your testimony she loves it.Well i've got to go ,i'll write you later.

Well sometimes we christians in our local church forget about of those who are being persecuted in other places and that must not be, b-cus as Hebrews says in chapter 13 to remmember the ones that are in jail as if we where with them (v2) and that as Jesus suffered outside the door for us we should do the same (v12-13). SO i thank the Lord for this ministry and for your devotion and that these may never end as we live.

Bob Ahlers
I'm a volunteer with Voice of the Martyrs and email information to others. Understand I can sign up for a weekly email persecution report from you. Would appreciate this very much and use it to spread the word about our Brothers and Sisters in Chains. Thanks for your help. Praise the Lord! Bob

I think this is a great site i had a speaker come to a christian camp that i was at and he told me about this site his name is pastor wally this is a great site and god bless

I like your website and I think its great how Christians can band together and carry out God's plans.