This is a wonderful site. Praise the Lord that He is opening doors to reach the Nepali people for Christ. We are reaching some of these people here in So. California. God bless you in your efforts.

Revd.Steven Asirvatham
Dear saints, I am writing to request you to mail me prayer items, that we could pray in our upcoming 3-days prayer and fasting, to be held from the 12-14th March 2004. Thank you and looking forward to pray along with CIC.

Hy Pastor Waly!!! I heard that you had a nive mission trip back to your birth country.I am writing you from Romania and of course I wait to see you in July.I will go to Spain and Italy for two weeks with my Quartet(you heard us).Please pry for us too.Have a blessed day with Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Geoff and Kathryn
Dear brethren, it was good to find your website. My family has suported the work to help our persecuted family for 7 years. We are now being called by the Lord to take the Gospel to the unreached and plan on making aid, training, and service to the persecuted a major component of the ministry. We plan on staying conected to CIC through your website. Feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do. We intend to support a seminary this year. God bless! Geoff Side note: The Quran 9:11 verse is a hoax. It doesn't say that.

Keith Tosh
I met you in Cookeville, Tn. Pastor Wally and I want you to know that I think your ministry is awesome. I will keep you and those of the persecuted churches in my prayers. God Bless You, brother.

Archie, Gloria, Austin and Adam
Pastor Wally, You are a true inspiration and example for all Christians everywhere . You and your family will forever be in our prayers at Wilhite Baptist Church . Thanks for the powerful testimony and message that we will never forget.

Pastor Wally spoke at our church today (Riverside, Ft. Myers Florida). I want to thank him for his powerful testimony. It is very humbling to those of us who have never had to suffer for our love of Christ. I am renewed and will be forever grateful to him and his family for all that they have endured and for all that they continue to do to further the kingdom of Christ. To Him be all the Glory!

Kathy Brooder Joe
Pastor Wally I want let you know when you spoke at future quest in El Cajon, CA on June 26 you inspired me and a few of my friends to be come missionaries for the Lord. Thank you Pastor Wally.

Steve Lamb
My heart and mind have been on the persecuted church alot lately.My prayers are with them daily.Pastor Wally, I would like very much to receive Pastor Ver's e-mail address so I can contact him .Thank you for your service to HIS MAJESTIES KINGDOM!

Rev. Evbota Idemudia
Godstime Dear Man of God. It's a great blessing in writing you this letter. To God be they glory great things he has done. We are librating Nigeria for Jesus, with some America ministers helping through crusade ministries and mission outreach in proclaiming the gospel in Africa. Our forth-coming national crusade in Nigeria is October 12th-18th, and November 20th-26th, 2004. Theme: God's Hour For Nigeria. For more detail please, navigate our website: Please, we want you to help us with some gospel materials (Bibles,literatures and tracts) for the poor in need; many souls are dying and hungry for the word of God. Please consider sending some materials for the poor, we want to see a mighty revival of the gospel of faith in Nigeria.

In His service,
Rev. Evbota Idemudia Godstime. Spread The Word Ministries, P.O Box 11827 Benin City Edo State Nigeria. Our generation is looking for hope and the only hope for our people is Jesus Christ.

Hi, I think its great to get the message out to countrys by radio.Where people cant have Bibles,but want to know more about Jesus,an salvation and his soon return for his bride the true believers. Since this is the last generation from May/14/1948 when Israel became a nation. An a generation is 70 years---Psalm 90:10 An the bride is not appointed to wrath 1Thess 5:9 Then that leaves us to May/14/2012 However I think Jesus can an will come sooner when you think not!! We need to share this with our imprisoned family to encouage them in our Lord! God Bless!