Ptr. Romy Nicolas
Pastor Wally, Shalom! It's nice to have you again. It's been a long time, yet you are still active in serving our Lord Jesus Christ. Press on brother Wally. By the way, I thank you for all your love and concerns to me and my ministry here in the Philippines. I wish to hear from you more. Rerads to Mareng Mat and your kid, malake na? God bless you all. In Christ, Romy

Saw brother Wally at Buffalo/ Niagara this week and listened to the seminar there. Brother, you touched my heart on a chord that I am sincerely sensitive to. Thank you for sharing and letting us know more so as not to be ignorant.

Thank you for speaking at Buffalo/Niagara 2003! Thank you for opening our eyes to the needs of the persecuted church! We are praying about how our church can be involved!

john & cathy kern
Good morning, The Holy Spirit moved our hearts thru your interview with David Burns in Champaign, Il. We thank the Lord for raising a voice to tell of the suffering of His people for His Name of Jesus. If we are made aware of this and are not moved to action, the Love of God is not in us. I pray He continues to lift up voices and that His Grace will be upon us so we will truly be sold out for Jesus in word and in deed. Thanks, john & cathy

Philip Martinson
Please keep me informed of the suffering of my family in Christ, thank you.

God bless you. How can I help. I'm a musician and love the Lord and will pray for you all. I love missions.

I don't know what to say cause' my hart's on fire. I wanna thank ya Wally for bringing to a person like me the message of Christ... I hope that you'll come back in April here in Bistrita, Romania, everybody waits for ya! It's me Dany Love ya all

Linda Hartley
This is my first time to this site, and I am moved to prayer with passion for our family the ''Persecuted Church.'' I pray I also will be honor to hear our brother pastor Wally share his testimony, one day, I pray God almighty will send him to my church to speak. To God be the glory, Amen!

Neal Medina
may the good Lord bless you and you family; may He empower you and give you fresh anointing, fresh revelations in Jesus' mighty name, amen.

Gordon Vasseur
I had no idea just how many christians are persecuted in the world today. I was very blessed to be able to spend several days with Brother Wally. I was able to hear him speak and I was deeply touched by his witness. Please let me encourage you to send this web address to all of your Christian friends, so they can be aware of the world events, and also to pray for and support this work.