Pastor Wally, Thank you so much for your coming to Teen Mania to talk with us about what is going on in that lives of Christians who are being persecuted. Sometimes i don't realize just how blessed I am to live here in the U.S.A. and not face much more than a little bit of teasing by way of persecution. I wonder if that freedom I treasure could one day be taken away from me and if I would fight for that freedom or if there is more freedom in Christ for those who are persecuted for His name. I will pray for the persecuted church, that they would grow in their relationship with Christ and shine for Him in that darkness. Your sister in Christ Cerisse

Bro. Adalberto Santiago
Missionary Relief Society of Puerto Rico
International Christian Embassy of P.R.
Sociedad Tratados Evangelisticos of P.R.

Pastor Jack Schaeffel
I'm eager to expose more of our church family to the stunning examples of God's people enduring the shame of the Cross. Keep up the good work!

William Carr
Thanks for the good info and may God bless and keep you!

Joe Durso
Hi Pastor Wally. We met at an Aquire the Fire gathering. I will be praying for you and the persecuted around the world. In the Grip of His Grace, Joe Durso

Celestin Karikumutima
I am blessed with your ministry being a voice and advocate to God's people in persecution

Johanne Labbe-LaRose
Blessings to you all, I am interested in your ministry. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to Richly Bless You, your loved ones and this ministry. Johanne Labbe-LaRose, Aylmer, Qubec, Canada Leake G/libanos I am happy to visit your blessing web site.God bless your ministry. If there is a chance may I ask to introduce our church in presecution here in the Northern part of Ethiopia.

Leake G/libanos
We are in a church working the under difficult atmoshpher here in the Norther part of Ethiopia.Eventhough the constitution supports a freedom of faith and we exercise it to some extent, still we have hard situations especially in finding or havinfg a plce or hall to worshop...etc.We are praying to have a small plot of land and to construct a small hall on it. but we have nothing in our account for this proposed construction.May we ask your advice in this regard on how to approach this case. We believe and have a word of hope that we will win this situation and step foreword. God bless you.

andy taylor
Dear Pastor Wally: We heard you speak at the vom conference two summers ago and met you at Frisco, Texas last year in a house of prayer meeting. It is so good to see your ministry expanding. We are still holding a house of prayer almost every month. We are especially praying for your success with making people aware of the persecuted church. God Bless You Andy and Betty Taylor

David Brown
Dear Sir: How could our youth group obtain the addresses of some of our Christian brothers and sisters who are inprisoned in Saudi Arabia and write to them. We understand that the messages or letters will be read by the guards who hold them captive but isn't that a beautiful thing.

Pat Mamaclay
I heard your testimony at Countryside Christian Center, Clearwater,Fl in part last October 2002. This morning, I heard your tape in full. I'm also a Filipino and my experience in the Philippines as a former martial law detainee and my eventual conversion to Christ in 1989, and finally joining full time ministry in 1997 makes me understand you fully as if I saw myself in you magnified by many times. I felt humbled by what you went through in your Christian walk. Your life glorifies God and I pray that you will remain faithful and pure in your Christian walk. I'm joining the Mentoring program of Countryside Church and your message will be one of my inspiration to remain faithful in my calling. Thank you and I wish you God's protection and blessing. Dean Pastor wally have you seen this verse? This is something to think about! Since America is typically represented by an eagle. Saddam should have read up on his Muslim passages... The following verse is from the Quran, (the Islamic Bible): Quran (9:11) -- For it is written that a son of Arabia would awaken a fearsome Eagle. The wrath of the Eagle would be felt throughout the lands of Allah and lo, while some of the people trembled in despair still more rejoiced; for the wrath of the Eagle cleansed the lands of Allah; and there was peace. Note the verse number!!!!!)