Claudia McClain

Pastor Wally, my name is Claudia McClain and I heard your testimony at the 2002 Missions Conference at Countryside Christian Center in Clearwater, FL. Thank you for your passion for Christ and love for others, you have inspired me. I plan to visit wonderful this site regularly. God Bless you and your family as well as our brothers and sisters who are in Christ. May God be glorified, Amen

Conrad Del Bosque Jr.
What a wonderfull site, found it through VOM. My our lord Jesus Christ continue to bless this ministry.

Gareth Gamble
Hello from Ireland! I've tried to keep informed and to other inform others of our brothers and sisters in chains throughout the world, but particularly in China, as i have a personal interest in China and plan to spend a significant period of time there within the next year. I have appreciated ministries like yourselves for keeping us all informed and allowing us to be informed in our prays for the worldwide Church. Keep up the great work and God Bless. G.

David Warner
Wally, You are letting God use you not for money or fame like some major preachers or evangilist do. You are strickly in for this because it is for God. I am so glad that you are letting God use you for his kingdom. Many do not choose to let God use them for the kingdom. So I want to thank you for that. With out you starting this ministry many would not have the chance to help the persecuted church. Thanks and God Bless. I will continue to pray for you and this ministry.

Dana Ghiurau
Prayer is so essential. Let us keep praying!

Rob McKay
Just wanted to say thank you for speaking at the youth conference and our church! I really enjoyed taking you back to the airport!!take care and keep in touch.

Agboola Taiwo
i am most glad i found this has really been a blessing this past days.i'm also gladen thati have opportunity to be part of your prayer team.God bless your ministry and all your workers.AMEN.

Scott Robson
God bless you all. Pastor Wally, I heard you speak a year or two ago at the VOM Conference in Bartlesville. I'm so glad to have found CIC. Scott Robson Dallas, TX

Mike, Diane & Chris
We are honored to be able to sign up for being an intercessor

Pr.Carlos / Chile
Desde Chile un gran abrazo a cada santo que participa en vuestro ministerio. Soy un joven pastor a quien siempre le ha movido el corazon por orar por la iglseia perseguida. MI deseo es poder tenar informacion en espaol con respecto a la persecucion de la Iglesia alrededor del mundo y poder constribuir con un poco en poder crear conciencia por ahora en mi pais de la realidadd e nuestros hermanos alrededor del mundo... Por ello desearia si pueden enviarme los agradeceria mucho... Desde ya muchas gracias Isaias 58:11 NOTA : Es posible hacer parte de un equipo de trabajo por un tiempo alguno de estos paises.. y cual es el costo de esto... GOD BLESS