Sharon Locke
God is awesome! I thank Him every morning for a new day and pray others will see Him in me.

Stanimir Ivanov
God love the world. I love god so much!!! thank you brother Terry.

wow.. i heard pastor wally speak at extreme camps july, 4th 2002! i have to say i was incredibly moved by his presentation and testimony! i've signed up tp pray for the persecuted and have encouraged my youth group to doing so as well.. we hope to start a HOP in our church. God used pastor wally and his testimony to open my eyes and see the heart that i have for foreign missions! this has inspired me! praise god! god bless you all as you pursue a deeper relationship with the lord! bekah hope<>< 1 timothy 4:12

Tara Al-Masih
Thanks so much for having a wonderful daily news for intercessors. I am the owner of a website and e-mail group focusing on prayer for the persecuted, and your news has been invaluable. Thank you so much!!! Remembering them, Tara

Robert McDaniel
What a great site. I have found many such sites in my browsing. We have to help those in need according to Matthew 25:36. May God bless all who are burdend for the persecuted. You may visit my site if you wish., We have much to do before the Harvest is complete. God bless you for caring.

Ana Cabello
May the Lord God of Israel bless all of you for your love & obedience.I'd like to recieve a video of your precious work.

Praise God for your ministry! It helps point me in the right direction.

Leonard D. Richardson Jr.
God bless the world. And as the Musketeers would say, All for one, And one for all.-Amen-

Donald Bust
Thank you for the info that I receive from your e-mails. My wife and I pray often for China and appreciate being able to hear of what is happening there. Can you give me info of short term mission trips to China? We have taken Bibles there before and would like to do so again. In Christ. Don.

Jim Tremaine
May God lift the veil of darkness and usher in His Holy Sprit for revival and change of goverment policies. Jim Tremaine