The blessings and promises of God will fill your labour with joy, peace and strength

Patrick Singh
Good to meet other Christians. GOD BLESS

Thank you for this wonderful ministry. I'm a 21 year-old pastor with a young church ready to engage in world missions. Our hearts are burning to bless the body of Christ that are persecuted throughout the world. Thank you for providing this ministry to inform us of how we can help. Consumed by the Call, Pastor Chad

I was at the Mission Conference last night at Countryside Christian Church. Wally, what a powerful and Blessed man you are!! God has Blessed you. I'm grateful to have been there and hear you

great site GOD BLESS

Rev. Charles Martindale
It was good to have you at First Baptist Church West Monroe for our Global Missions conference and to hear you preach Sunday night. Rev. Charles Martindale
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Rachel Mayes
Pastor Wally: This is Rachel from Acquire the Fire. Hopefully I can connect with you somehow, but I finally got onto this web-site, and it is great that I can look up to see what is happening around the world and pray for the churches. If you need me for ANYTHING, please e-mail me. Rachel

Lawrence Piri
I am glad to see so many of us involved in this type of ministry, ''praying for the persecuted because of their faith in HIM'' Send me more info so that my church in Malaysia can pray more also. 1 Chorinthians 12:26

Randy Hall
Hello Pastor Wally. Thanks for coming to Topeka and sharing the Love of God with us. You are a modern day Paul in my eyes. Not that you have persecuted the church - but that you have been brought through the worst this world can throw at us and have not only survived - but by the grace of God, flourished. May God bless, guide and keep you as you bring hope and help to our brothers and sisters of the persecuted church! Though tiring at times (thanks for showing your feet of clay) your work is most important - keep it up, and may God strengthen you every day. Pastor Wally - please pray for the unborn, 33 million plus have been lost to abortion in the United States since 1973. We must not look the other way - it's got to stop.

I wish I could help..but I do not have any money to donate, if there is anything else I could do let me know please.