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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for the week ending January 9, 2021


Urgent: Pray for India

India’s push for a purely Hindu nation led to the murder of five Christians in a recent two-month span, and many more believers are suffering.

Dr. Linda Zhao warns: As the CCP forcefully pursues its “Sinicization” policy in 2021—religious freedom in China will further deteriorate

In 2021, the state-directed “Sinicization” policy officially inducted into the new Regulations on Religious Affairs released in April 2018 will begin its third year.

Poem by imprisoned Pastor John Cao recounts God's call: Go where Wa mountain people live—where wolves and tigers roar

Pastor John Cao, serving a seven-year-sentence in a prison in Kunming, the capital and largest city in Yunnan Province, writes poetry to encourage himself and others.

Please Pray for Father Swamy (India) and Zhang Zhan (China)

Zechariah’s Spirit-filled prophecy in the first chapter of Luke reminds us that God is truly our Saviour – from our enemies on earth as well as from the burden of sin.

Christian Community in India Banned from Religious Services

Christian Families Are Stripped of Their Constitutionally-Protected Religious Freedom Rights 

USCIRF Commissioner James W. Carr Adopts Ramzan Bibi in Pakistan through the Religious Prisoners of Conscience Project

United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) Commissioner James W. Carr today announced his adoption of Ramzan Bibi through the Religious Prisoners of Conscience Project.

Pakistani Christian Charged with Blasphemy Over Social Media Pos

Hundreds of Christian Families Flee Homes After Post Sparks Threat of Mob Violence

CCP authorities' revocations of licenses for lawyers, Attorney Ren Quanniu and Attorney Lu Siwei, reveal a subtler form of repression

On January 4, Attorney Ren Quanniu received a notice from Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials, employed by Henan’s department of justice, informing him that the government had revoked his license to practice law in China.

Creativity will be key to 2021 ministry in China

News coming out of China these days can generally be put into two boxes – political power struggles or COVID-19.

India’s RSS wants Christians, Muslims out by December 31

Seven years ago, Hindu leader Rajeshwar Singh made a controversial promise to rid India of its Muslim and Christian populations. Party officials soon forced Singh out of the public eye, but videos of his “hate speech” resurfaced in 2019 – the same year Prime Minister Narendra Modi gained a second term in office.

CCP targets Catholic Sanctuary of Our Lady of Zhaojialing for "Sinicization of Christianity"

As part of the CCP's crackdown on Christianity, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials are forcing Catholics in the village of Zhaojialing, Xiangyuan County, a nationally known pilgrimage site since the 19th century, to remove plaques, images, or banners with references to religion.

Religious Rights Still Blocked in Sudan, Christian Leaders Say

Confiscated properties, new church construction sought.

Displaced Christian Families in Pakistan Return Home Under Police Protection

According to the Christian Post, hundreds of Christian families have returned to their homes in Pakistan after threats of mob violence forced them to flee last month.

Chinese Street Evangelist Detained on New Year’s Day

On December 31, a Christian street evangelist in China’s Hunan province was again sentenced by the authorities to ten days in administrative detention for “disturbing public order.”

Turkey will Convert Armenian Church into Cultural Center

Agos reports that Turkey has decided to turn Konya’s Holy Trinity Armenian Church into a cultural center.

State Government in India to Promulgate Country’s Most Stringent Anti-Conversion Law

According to media in India’s Madhya Pradesh state, the state cabinet approved a bill that would allow the BJP-led government to more strictly regulate religious conversions and criminalize religious conversion by marriage, financial allurement, or force.

Christian Lay Leader Arrested on Blasphemy Charges in Pakistan

Muslim mob threatens to behead him, burn homes.

Nigerian Christians Murdered as a “Christmas Present” in Terror Attacks on Christmas Eve

At least 24 people were killed, over 20 abducted, a church burnt and a pastor kidnapped by jihadi militants during two attacks on Christmas Eve, in Borno and Adamawa states, Nigeria.

Exiles Witness Collusion Between North Korea and China Over Persecution of Christians

Collusion between the communist authorities in North Korea and neighbouring China over the arrest, punishment and forced repatriation of Christians has been described by exiles interviewed by the London-based campaign group, Korea Future Initiative (KFI).

Egyptian Prosecutor Looks to Challenge Acquittal of Muslim Men Charged With Stripping Elderly Christian Woman

Egypt’s public prosecutor, Hamada al-Sawy, is looking into contesting an Appeals Court ruling that acquitted three Muslim men charged with stripping naked an elderly Christian woman and dragging her through the streets of al-Karm village in Minya province, 150 miles south of Cairo.

Egypt Approves Registration of 62 Churches and Church Buildings

The Cabinet-affiliated committee responsible for licensing churches in Egypt rounded off 2020 by authorising 62 new registrations on 29 December.

After nine years, house church Pastor Jin Tianming begins new year "free" from CCP house arrest

After nine years, Pastor Jin Tianming of Beijing Shouwang House Church begins a new year free from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) house arrest. Beginning in April 2011 until 2020, CCP authorities stationed two guards outside Pastor Jin's apartment door 24/7.

Record of the "129 Crackdown" on Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church: Reminder to remember those persecuted

On the evening of December 09, 2018, during what became known as the “129 Crackdown," the Chengdu Municipal Police Department dispatched more than 2,000 police officers to raid the Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC).

Chinese Communist Party members resort to violence after Yunan Tuguadi church members resist placing China’s national flag in front of their church

On December 28, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) members resorted to violence when Tuguadi Church (located in Wuding county, Yunan province) rejected the government’s order to position China’s national flag in front of their church’s entrance.

ChinaAid denounces the CCP's rushed, unjustified “fake” trial verdict sentencing Lawyer Zhang Zhan to four years in prison

On December 28, ChinaAid publicly denounced today’s Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) rushed, unjustified “fake” trial verdict in the Shanghai court, sentencing “Sister/independent citizen journalist/Wuhan virus whistleblower/Lawyer Zhang Zhan” to four years in prison.

During 2020, the Chinese Communist Party severely restricts/shuts down various churches and Christmas celebrations

During 2020, as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) increased restrictions on Christmas celebrations that city churches hosted, authorities required official churches to secure approval from several departments to hold Christmas activities.

India deals another blow to religious freedom

India deals another blow to religious freedom as four states consider anti-conversion laws.

Sudan’s future looks bright, but will it last?

The past 12 months held more challenges than we can count, but the future looks bright for Sudan.

First Christian Arrested under New 'Anti-Conversion' Law in Uttar Pradesh, India

South Korean jailed along with three other suspects.

December 7 trial set for Lai Jinqiang, entrepreneur from Shenzhen, Guangdong detained for producing electronic Bible players, charged with “unlawful business operation”

On December 7, Brother Lai Jinqiang, entrepreneur from Shenzhen, Guangdong detained for more than a year and a half for producing electronic Bible players, will face the charge of “unlawful business operation” Bao’an People’s Court in Shenzhen.

Police in Pakistan Find Christian Girl Chained in Kidnapper's Home

Separately, Muslim suitor kills young woman for refusing him and Islam.




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