2020 October

Chinese pastors threatened with jail in CPP crackdown on persecution “leaks”
Egyptian Church claims remains of last of 21 Christians martyred by Islamic State in Libya
#weareBobFu Event October 15, Horseshoe Arena Amphitheater
Update: Chengdu police continue to harass Elder Li Yingqiang
Pakistani Christian acquitted of blasphemy charges after 7 years in prison
Christian couple to face trial as “apostates and evangelists” in Muslim-majority Somaliland
Sri Lankan Church leader calls for prayer after extremists destroy hilltop church building
New Russian law would restrict pastors trained abroad
Christian's Hearing Damaged in 'Reconversion' Attacks in India
Letter Calling for the Repeal of Death Penalty for Apostasy on #WorldDayAgainstDeathPenalty
More Christians Arrested in Eritrea as Others Are Released
Update Link: CCP Operative in U.S. Urges Supporters—Eliminate Bob Fu
Detention staff force-feeds Lawyer Zhang Zhan while on hunger strike
Lead Pastor recounts good "fruit" Pastor Fu's life has produced
Senator Rubio and Ted Cruz "tweet" support for Bob Fu
Swiss woman, hostage almost 5 years, killed by Islamist extremists in Mali
Priest, held by Islamist extremists for two years, freed in Mali
USCIRF Releases New Report about Attacks against Houses of Worship and Religious Leaders in Burkina Faso
Vietnam: Pastor A Dao Released Early from Prison
Three Young Christians Assaulted in Khartoum North, Sudan
USCIRF Releases Factsheet on Rohingya Refugees in Southeast Asia
Standing with the Persecuted in Prayer: ICC's 2020 IDOP Resource Kit
Elder Li Yingqiang presents gospel to Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials
President Xi’s religious purge meets little global resistance
Chinese Communist Party rewrites Gospel story to depict Jesus Christ as “killer and sinner”
China’s extreme surveillance, forced sterilisation of non-atheists in camps “much worse” than Soviet gulags
Chinese Christian leader calls for prayer as surveillance pressure on Chinese Christians escalates
Indian Christians in “fear and shock” after extremists warn leave faith or die
Indian Christians beaten, humiliated, forced to chant Hindu affirmation in Jharkhand
Indian government freezes bank accounts forcing human rights charity to halt work

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