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 1 Corinthians 12:26a

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PERSECUTION NEWS HEADLINES - for two weeks ending July 24, 2021


New Wave of Persecution Sweeps Across India’s Uttar Pradesh State

At Least 30 Christians Arrested on False Charges in Last Month

BELARUS: "To put the church in its place"

Amid a continuing crackdown on civil society after the August 2020 falsified presidential election, Aleksandr Lukashenko's regime is
pressuring religious communities to support it.

SUDAN | Orthodox Church Granted Permission to Build

The Orthodox Church in Sudan was granted permission to build a place of worship on land it owns in Hay-Elrawda, Omdurman, after initially being denied by the Urban Planning Department, which had claimed that the land was only authorized for residential purposes.

NORTH KOREA | New Report Finds No Improvement in Human Rights

A new report by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on North Korea finds the situation of human rights in the country has not improved since the publication of the landmark 2014 report of the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

The Chinese Communist Party at its centennial, and an interview with an Iranian Christian

Here is FRC's top content on international religious freedom this month.

ChinaAid welcomes two dissidents to safety

After a harrowing journey escaping the grip of the Chinese government, China Aid Association warmly announces the arrival Wang Jingyu and Wu Huan to the Kingdom of the Netherlands where they have applied for asylum. 

Pingchang County national security agents detain Cheng Xiangxi of Chengdu ERCC for writing poem, "Without Jesus..."

After Chengdu Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) published a prayer requests letter including the name of member “Cheng Xiangxi” (original name Cheng Zhonglin), Pingchang County national security agents seized, and forcibly transported him from his hometown.

Latest crackdown: “Iran wants to make examples of these converts”

Iran sets a new precedent for persecution.

USCIRF News Digest - July 20, 2021

Hearing on Ending Genocide: Accountability for Perpetrators

Please join the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) and the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission (TLHRC) for a joint virtual hearing on how the international community can hold perpetrators of mass atrocities, both state and non-state actors, accountable for international crimes, including genocide, committed against religious communities.

Kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirl completes ‘forbidden’ education

“Boko Haram roughly translates as ‘western education is forbidden’,” says Open Doors UK & Ireland CEO Henrietta Blyth.

CCP authorities forcibly interrupt Pastor Mao Zhibin and Elder Chu Yanqing as they preach on Zoom

Mid-morning July 11, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) security agents, police officers, and religious affairs bureau officials, accompanied by subdistrict office staff, raided Shenzhen Trinity Gospel Harvest Church’s Zoom online worship service.

As thousands observe the hajj, Brother A lingers in limbo

The hajj, an annual Muslim pilgrimage, is a vibrant six-day event this year, with pilgrims organized into color-coded groups following a strict schedule.

CUBA | Family of Detained Pastor Evicted

The wife and child of Pastor Yarian Sierra Madrigal, who was detained amid unprecedented nationwide protests in Cuba on July 11, were forcibly evicted from their home July 18.

Pray for Cuba

Communism is a failed, atheistic, demonic strategy to limit people’s potential and personal freedoms.

Europe pressures Pakistan over blasphemy laws

In April, the European Parliament adopted a motion against Pakistan’s strict blasphemy laws. The laws are responsible for the imprisonment of many innocent Pakistani Christians, including Shagufta Kauser and Shafqat Emmanuel, a Pakistani Christian married couple who were held on death row for years.

USCIRF Concerned by New Uzbekistan Religion Law

Washington, DC – expressed its disappointment that Uzbekistan’s new Religion Law fails to address the most serious restrictions on religious freedom in the country.

CCP Guiyang authorities raid Christian memorial service site—seize all religious memorabilia; ban prayer and singing

Recently, as a Guiyang City house church held a memorial service for an elderly Christian at a local funeral home Chinese Communist Party (CCP) officials raided the venue, and forcibly confiscated religious memorabilia.

BELARUS: Political prisoners' freedom of religion or belief restricted

Since opposition emerged to the falsified 2020 presidential elections, the regime has arrested hundreds of individuals and handed down many long or
short jail terms to punish them for opposition or perceived opposition to the regime.

Please pray for suffering Christians around the world.

When we’re confronted by suffering, Paul encourages us to lift our gaze to heaven and fix our eyes on Jesus, where we find the strength to press on in prayer.

CUBA | Wife of Detained Pastor Asks for Information

The wife of a Cuban pastor who was detained amid unprecedented nationwide protests in Cuba on July 11 issued a statement calling for information regarding his current situation and well-being.

NIGERIA | Southern Kaduna Pastor Receives Death Threat

A pastor and humanitarian who assists displaced communities in southern Kaduna, Nigeria, received a handwritten death threat July 12.

CSW Congratulates Benedict Rogers on Religious Freedom Award

CSW warmly congratulates Benedict Rogers, Senior East Asia Analyst at CSW, on his IRF Champion Award for his work advocating for religious freedom worldwide.

CUBA | Pastors Remain in Prison, Catholic Priest Released

The leader of a Cuban seminary made an urgent call for the immediate release of two pastors who were detained on July 11 following massive protests across Cuba.

Will you help these brave persecuted Christians learn English?

He led 28 adults and 32 children from Shenzen Reformed Holy Church to resettle in Jeju Island South Korea early last year.

USCIRF News Digest - July 13, 2021

USCIRF Condemns the Detention of Religious Leaders Amid Protests in Cuba

The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) denounced the detention of religious leaders during nationwide protests in Cuba, the largest demonstrations in decades.

CCP officials release Chen Wensheng, street preacher held under designated residential surveillance for 20 days

After Zhejiang Province State security officers arrested Chen Wensheng, a Christian from Hengyang City, Hunan Province, Brother Chen on June 19 and transported him back to Hengyang, Chinese Communist Party (CCP) authorities held Brother Chen under designated residential surveillance at West Lake Resort for 20 days.

Yunyan District Yanzhong police officers detain three Guiyang Renai Reformed Church females

During the morning of July 8, Yunyan District’s Yanzhong police officers phoned three female Christians from Guiyang Renai Reformed Church and advised them to come to their station for interrogation.

Persecution persists in Algeria despite leadership change

UPDATE: Newly appointed Algerian Prime Minister Ayman Benabderrahmane is infected with COVID-19, Reuters reports.

CUBA | Religious Leaders Targeted Amid Nationwide Protests

Reports are emerging of religious leaders being among those detained amid unprecedented nationwide protests in Cuba.

Eritrean soldiers destroy two refugee camps in Ethiopia

For months, civil war has raged in Ethiopia’s Tigray region. The fighting has demolished infrastructure and threatened famine.

Pakistani Christians blamed for bombing

Last month, an explosion rocked the residence of Hafiz Saeed in Lahore, Pakistan. The explosion killed five and injured 42.

Pastor in India Driven from Home after Police Torture, Threats

Officers arrive with news reporter, reviling him and Christianity.

Unrest in Mozambique Displaces Thousands

Human rights groups and relief organizations are raising the alarm over an escalating security situation in east Africa’s Mozambique.

School in Pakistan Covers Up Rape of Christian Student

According to Morning Star News, a school in Lahore, Pakistan has been attempting to cover up the rape of an 8-year-old Christian student by a Muslim teacher.

Secretary of State Blinken Announces Plans to Appoint IRF Ambassador

Speaking at the inaugural International Religious Freedom Summit via video on Wednesday afternoon, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced that an Ambassador at Large for International Religious Freedom would be appointed in the coming weeks.

China’s Latest Ban of Christian Content on Social Media

In a recent crackdown on online Christian content, the Chinese government banned the WeChat accounts belonging to many registered churches.

The Sahel: Africa's Afghanistan? Christians Imperiled.

In 2013, French troops entered the Sahel to counter Islamic jihadists who, in 2012, had seized control of Northern Mali in a blitzkrieg.

Christians in Pakistan Suffer Court Setback in Child Marriages/Conversions

Supreme Court declines petition for protection from Muslim kidnappers.

Ten Killed in New Attacks by Fulani Militants in Christian-Majority Southern Kaduna State

Ten people, including an infant, were killed overnight on July 12 as armed Fulani militants continued their attacks on Atyap communities in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area of Christian-majority southern Kaduna state, Nigeria.

Millions Pushed Into Food Insecurity by Covid-19, According to Oxfam Report

A new report from anti-poverty charity Oxfam warns that 20 million more people across the world have been pushed into extreme food insecurity because of the impact of Covid-19.

Police Superintendent in India Orders “Consistent Watch” on Christian Activity

A police superintendent in Chhattisgarh state, India, has issued instructions that police officers should keep “consistent watch” on the activities of Christians.

Chinese Pastors Instructed to Preach From Xi Jinping’s Speech Marking Communist Party Centenary

Pastors in the Three-Self Patriotic Movement (TSPM), the official Protestant church of China, have been instructed to deliver sermons based on a recent speech by President Xi Jinping.

Indonesian Christians Confronted With Covid Burial Extortion

Authorities in West Java province, Indonesia, have dismissed several cemetery workers responsible for burying Covid-19 victims after accusations of discriminatory treatment towards non-Muslims.

Three Churches in Algeria Once Again Forced to Close

Three churches in the Oran area of Algeria have been closed after a long-running legal battle which began in 2017.

Area in Nigeria Attacked Unimpeded for One Week, Sources Say

At least 33 dead, four church buildings burned.

Please continue to pray for India's Christians

Many of us will relate to the words of lament we read in the psalms. It is comforting to know that we can come to God with our true feelings in times of pain.

Christian Father Charged after Hindus Attack Daughter in India

Church member apparently pressured into giving false statement.

Muslim Brother of Christian Attacks Him with Machete

Recent convert refuses to renounce Christ.

At Least 20 Nigerians Killed in Terror Attack

On July 7th Boko Haram, a terrorist group in Africa, attacked communities in Adamawa State, Nigeria, killing no fewer than 20 people.

CCP Unveils Propaganda Exhibit on Christianity in Shanghai

On June 29, human rights publication Bitter Winter released an article stating that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has unveiled an exhibition claiming that “Christianity Loves the Party” in Shanghai, China.

Libyan Church Faces Eviction After 51 Years

After years of back and forth on their worship facilities, Union Church in Tripoli is facing eviction from their building as early as August 27 when their case will be heard in court.

Ten Canadian Churches Targeted by Vandals

As intolerance of religion continues to rise around the world, violence targeting Christians is becoming increasingly felt in the West.

China: Xuncheng Reformed Church in the Fire

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) appears to be ramping up its persecution of Xuncheng Reformed Church, a church planted in Taiyuan (the capital of China's northern Shanxi Province), by Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC), located in Chengdu (the capital of China's southwestern Sichuan province).

Eighteen Killed in Christian-Majority Southern Kaduna State by Suspected Fulani Islamist Militants

Eighteen Nigerians were killed in Christian-majority southern Kaduna state when suspected Fulani Islamist militants stormed two villages in Zangon Kataf Local Government Area.

Iranian Christian Convert Summoned to Serve Sentence After Appeal Is Rejected

Iranian Christian convert Hamed Ashoori has been ordered to begin a 10-month prison sentence for “propaganda against the Islamic Republic” after his appeal was rejected on June 26.

Sudanese Government Adviser in Christian Affairs Assaulted and Threatened

Boutros Badawi, the adviser for Christian affairs to Sudan’s Minister of Religious Affairs, was assaulted by four armed men on his return home to the El Salamah El Baqala area, south of Khartoum, late on the evening of July 2.

Uzbekistan’s New Religion Law Retains Restrictions Despite Cosmetic Changes

Uzbekistan’s new Religion Law was signed by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on July 5 and came into force the following day.

School in Pakistan Covers Up Rape of Christian Girl, Family Says

Administrators accuse Christian boy who was not even on campus.

Please pray for three Iranian Christians who have been sentenced to prison

What an amazing promise! God’s presence is with us even in the darkest of places, and nothing can take away the freedom we have in Christ.




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